Long Wearing Lipstick

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Nadia N.

These are ok lipsticks not the best and not the worst. They are pigmented but not the most pigmented. They are very drying and they definitely will show your imperfections on your lips. They were not really that long lasting to me.

Katie W.

I was on the hunt for a moisturizing, long wear lipstick. I bought two when I found it, I was so excited, but alas! They go on very heavy and cakey - almost crumbley? Ew! My lips looked creased almost immediately. They also dried out my lips, which didn't help with the cakey, creasy, crumbly mess. I've tried both of them exactly twice. And each time, I end up wiping it off before I even leave the house. It may be long-lasting, but it never gets the chance to be for me! I'm sad. Did anyone else have a better experience with these?