Colour Riche Lipcolour

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Kaitlyn C.
Pretty good lipsticks !!

From the two i have they seem very sheer.. The smell isn't the best but nothing to bad. The packaging could be better (looks a bit old lady-ish) but its the product that matters so.. Its still something i would consider buying in another color ☺️

Amy M.
Shade 371 Pink Passion
Photo of product included with review by Amy M.

This lipstick have a color with good pigmentation not perfect and it don't last too much but it mosturize my lips well. The color you see on the bottom of it corresponds the one of the product correctly. So for me it is a nice color and I can reapply it after 4-6 hours and i don't mind since I like it.

Katie B.
Love!!!! My ultimate nude lipstick!

I love the color and finish so much. I wear it whenever I do a smokey eye or if I want a natural looking lip. It helps me keep my looks balanced when I wanna sad drama to my eyes.

Iva T.

I love it,i apply it every day and it's really great! It has a little too much sparkle for my taste and i got a little bright color for my skin but that's my fault. All in all - a great lipstick!

Brunetterapunzellife B.
Perfect Lipstick Shade

This L'Oreal shade is my lipstick Holy Grail. It compliments my skin tone like no other and depending on the light is a beautifully subtle pink and sometimes has lavender undertones. When I wear this lipstick, it looks completely natural and it's my go to lipstick. I've been using this for years and right now I'm halfway done with my first one of this and bought a second one in case this ever gets discontinued. It was given to me by my mom and I LOVE IT!

Sarah M.
Use it for Dance

I use this for dance shows. This color is good for the stage. Its not too red but not too pink. I dont usually wear this color out, but its a good lipstick in general.

Simera H.
Great lipstick
Photo of product included with review by Simera H.

I received this lipstick in a giveaway and I have to say I really like this lipstick. The lip color itself is great for the fall or winter. It's very pigmented and creamy. It's not drying either.

Stephanie  M.

The formulation of these lips are pretty good for a drug store brand but I am not too fond of the boring colors. Loreal discontinued some great colors. They had this color called Merlot and OMG...looooooved it! I don't understand why they would discontinue such a beautiful color? I also hate that the color label on the bottom of the lipstick isn't the true shade. You have to take the cap off to see the actual shade of the lipstick. Smh.

Maritza V.

my#1 lipstick everyday use. I can use this color with pretty much every look. I love how moisturizer it can be for a lipstick and the colors are just beautiful.

Meidy M.
gorgeous nude lipstick

I have been using this lipstick for YEARS! this was actually my first nude lipstick. ive gone out and bought other nude lipsticks but i always find myself going back to this one. i have this shade in fairest nude. It is very creamy and has good pigmentation. i highly recommend this product for anyone whos looking for a good nude lipstick.