Lineur Intense

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Pamela K.
Flakes off!

I bought this on a recommendation and was sorely disappointed by this product! I wore this for my 23rd birthday and realized that once the product dries it flakes off and looks like fallout on your cheeks. Never using this again. I threw it away.

Hannah M.

I love it! It lasts all day, and I can make the lines either thick or thin easily. It looks really natural, and doesn't smudge. It does take a few seconds to dry, so make sure to hold your bottom lids down for a few seconds if you use it on the bottom.

Julianne J.

I hate to be the Debbie Downer for this review page, but every time I reach for this, I'm not happy. I had forgotten the brand for the longest time because the one I purchased does not have the lovely golden, and informative label on it. I realized the actual name of it, when I casually looked at the bottom of the bottle and found the circular label. So I just thought of it as "my crappy drug store liner" for awhile. (We all know that drugstore is putting out excellent liners, as we speak, of course). Anyway, I used this when I didn't want shimmer in my liquid liner- my preferred UD liner is a little shimmery.( Oilslick, not black). This liner is black and shiny- almost laquered, which is a definite plus. However, it is TOO RUNNY/WET. I recently used tape to create a straight edge for my wings, which worked fabulously with my UD liner, and it still managed to run amok and be the unruly child of liquid liners. And then it dawned on me- I didn't like this particular L'oreal line for another liner. Way back, in High School, I got a felt tip liner from this very line, and it was almost like a marker, with those little edges on it. I hate dried out liners, but that one was also really wet/liquidy. It was also a pain in the tuckus to remove. It was a lovely teal though! (I've come to realize I'm more of a brush liquid liner girl, than a pen girl.) Anyway. My brush is also not nearly as small as the one in the picture. Maybe if it was just a little tinier and the formula wasn't as runny, this would be perfecto. These liners are also always housed on the bottom rungs of those displays at the drug store. Maybe people still buy this line occasionally, so they still cling desperately to life, but almost always are on the verge of being discontinued. I might cast these off to my makeup rejects bin (which I still plan to use some of), or I might use this for artistic/face paint-y designs. This might just require a lighter hand and more practice! I keep hearing this formula in Carbon Black is stellar, so I'm sure my older version is not as great, and the newer one is much better. For comparison's sake, my UD brush is longer and thicker, with a more tapered point, and this one is shorter, a little thinner, and its point is not as tapered. I do like the packaging and the fact there is a ton of product, though :)

Nichole W.
Favorite, EVER!

I have been using this since I started wearing eyeliner! It's so amazing, I can't even USE other brands, or even tips, I love love love this eyeliner and will be devastated if it ever goes away.

Myrna P.

I have used it for years, only problem is me. I have shaky hands and the felt tip is so small, but that is what I love most. I like thin lines vs thick ones.

Sarah M.
The only one that works for me!

I've tried other liquid liners but nothing has come close to this! I've tried felt-tips which are too dry, and liquids with different types of applicators. All of them have been too hard to use and I would have never been able to learn them well enough to use them on a regular basis. This liner is my everyday staple! It glides on easily, the brush allows you to create both thick and thin lines, and it's super smooth and never looks streaky. The black is also perfectly dark unlike some other liners I've tried which come out more of a dark gray.

Cecely B.
The only liquid liner I'll ever use!

In this day and age of gel liners and felt tip liners, for me, there's nothing that compares to this liquid liner. I've been using it forever and it's the only one I'll ever use. It has the perfect brush that isn't too short and stiff or too long and uncontrollable. I love the consistency and that it glides on smoothly for a smooth and even cat-eye every time. Some may say it it's too watery but, hello?, it's called "liquid" eyeliner for a reason. It lasts all day and all night and I've never had issues with having to reapply during the day and it removes very easily. It's the one and only liquid liner for me!!!

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Veronica A.
The only one i'll ever use...

I'm very picky when it comes to my liquid eyeliner. I've used this for YEARS and nothing else even comes close to how much I love this. I love it so much that I buy 2 at a time, in case they happen to discontinue it (which has happened with the last liquid eyeliner I fell in love with).

I love this because the tip of the brush isn't too long and flimsy, so when applying, I get a nice perfect line, without needing to stretch my lid to put it on. I use it everyday, and it doesn't dry out or I don't need to keep pumping the wand inside the bottle to get some liquid on the brush. It lasts through everything....sweat and tears; but can also be easily removed with a swipe of some makeup remover.

I will never use any other liquid liner as long as this is around!!!!!

Monica A.
I used to love it, but I had to kill it...

it gave me a HORRIBLE allergic reaction on my eyelid! It was all bumpy and gross!!! I was devastated since I used to love it. Easy to use, blackest black...:( But now I used the Wet & Wild Mega Liner which is just as amazing without the gross allergy & less pricey! Winning! (ok...I'm usually not that cheesy)

Natasha R.
Holy Grail!

I absolutely love everything about this liquid liner! The formula is so smooth and silky, it just glides onto your lid so easily. The pigmentation is also extremely dark, I bought Carbon Black and it lives by its name. The long handle and tiny bristles makes it effortless to create thin, straight lines in one sweep across the lid. I doubt I will buy another liquid liner in the future, unless L'Oréal does the unthinkable and discontinues this product D=