Color Truth Cream Eyeliner


Renee R.
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This is the only eyeliner I use and I absolutely love it. I only found it to flake on my bottom lash line, but only after long use. A trick I use is to apply some black eyeshadow with a flat angled brush over the area I applied the eyeliner. It glides effortlessly and it's not as messy as liquid eyeliner.. and I HATE liquid eyeliner lol but yeah ..I love it.

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Izzy D.

I bought this about a month ago at walgreens for, I think, about $7 or $8. I have it in black. I heard some good reviews on it, so I thought I'd give it a go. I think this is really easy to work with, and it's extremely long last. It dries very fast, and it stays on like a liquid eyeliner. I've had no problems with it so far, and it's showing no signs of drying up. Don't even bother with the brush they give you though because it's just not a good brush at all. I find a small eyeliner brush (not an angled one) works best. So I think it's totally worth it!

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Linda D.

This gel liner is amazing. This is actually my first time ever using gel liners and this product made me love gel liners now. It does not flake and lasts all day. I usually apply a pencil liner first then I go over it with this. The brush that it comes with if extremely stiff so really invest in a liner brush. When applying on its so smooth. The formula is really creamy. I have it in black but really looking forward to trying out the other colors. Completely worth the purchase. Retails at Wal Mart and Target for only $10!

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Lupe N.

I absolutely love this gel liner. I have been repurchasing it for about 2 years now. Before I discovered this product, I would use your typical eyeliner or liquid eyeliner to create a wing. However, I would see this girls with gorgeous, dark, smooth wings. I remember going on youtube to watch reviews on different liquid eyeliners. Personally, they did not work for me. They would not last and would crack throughout the day. Then I ran into L'Oreals gel liner and fell in love! Very dark, goes on smooth and lasts all day! It does not crack. The brush that comes with it is great too. The brush is a little rough, but it does not bother me. The only part that bugs me is that it does dry out before you are completely finished with the product. Although to get the most out of it, I put a drop or 2 of eyedrops in the container and it comes back to life. At least for that very moment. Overall, it is a great drugstore product.

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Becky D.
Nice Color but Some Minor Problems
Photo of product included with review by Becky D.

I have this product in Midnight Blue and the purple one (I'm not sure of the name). I've been using this for a long time, and it hasn't dried out on me. It still gives really nice color and is creamy enough. It is quite expensive for a drugstore cream liner, so I'm not sure how long I'll keep getting it. It does flake after a while, and the brush that comes with it is absolute trash. It works best when I work my brush into it for a minute, otherwise it isn't as smooth. I use a pointed eyeliner brush when I do use it, or I will use my fingers and use it as a base. The synthetic fiber works really well with it, and it doesn't stain my brush. Overall, it's okay. I might buy it again for the color, but only if it's on sale. In the picture, the liner is on the upper lash line. It has been set with and eyeshadow, but the color is accurate.

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Jenn C.

When I first purchased this product I loved it! Then again...I was new to gel liners and perhaps didn't know any better.

Months later, I still have it and use it almost daily..and have used maybe 1/8th of the product. (I own the black color btw. )

It's pretty well pigmented and long lasting..but the parts where I've been dipping in my brush have dried out and I need to really get the brush in there a few times to get enough product to apply smoothly. Weirdly enough..the parts of the product that I haven't touched are still "moist" and applies smoothly.

Since I don't really own many brushes, I've been using the brush that comes with it and I'm satisfied with it. It is very stiff and *can* be rough on the eyelids but I use it anyway. I would like it if it was a little bit thinner/flatter to be able to make finer lines.

I rate it 7/10

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Andrea Marisa S.

Dried out super fast. Now all that I can use it for is as a coloured base and even then I have to be very careful because to get it on evenly and without flaking some bits off... I have to use a eye buffing brush. For point of reference, the one that I have is Teal... gorgeous color but for me, useless as a liner... Such a shame...

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Arettlsar T.

I have the Teal shade and it is a very good color it brings out the green in my hazel eyes that are mostly green. I love the bold look it gives me as I wear it on my eye lids. I say it was a good buy and very well at that. Teal is one of my favorite colors and this is my favorite eyeliner to wear.

Roxy Q C.

This is the only eyeliner I had that lasts all day. It is amazing. Once I went to the beach with the teal on, though I didn't get in the water, I sweat like crazy it was still on. Later that day I went in a pool and it stayed on the whole time. My aunt even asked me which eyeliner I had on, complimenting me on it. I love this brand and want to buy all the colors. So far I tried Black, Brown and Teal and all of them are great eyeliners and worth the price!

Crystal S.

I love it I was in walmart when we locked eyes I had to have them all. They had every color except Teal. I havent been able to find Teal yet but I havent given up. Its a great product I will highly recommand their only $10 and wothe every penny. The application is nice and smooth easy to move doesnt dry fast. A little bit goes a long way