Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter

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Teia B.

I bought this from my local convient store to test out. I gotta admit, I was a little skeptic about the shade of the concealer but when I did a test swatch on my skin it came out very helpful to cover any blemish or dark spots on my face. It's also good to use as a base when you are going for a nude type shade when you are customizing your own nude lipstick or lipgloss. Revlon has my vote!!

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Samantha M.
Half of it is good

I bought this to try the highlighter side, but it was horrible. However I have found that the concealer side works great for everything from under eye circles to blemishes and red spots. I love the concealer but would never pay full price for this product, I bought it at a bargain store and I might repurchase it from there for the concealer.

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Kennedy A.

I bought this and the highlighter side is HORRIFIC! It is like applying a shimmery sticky thich grease to your face. However, I have found good use of the concealer side. However, it isn't cheap and I don't think it's worth it if you can't use half of the product. There are better concealers out there!