Studio Secrets Professional The One Sweep


Rachelle F.
Nice Color

I like this small palette, great for dinner parties. the colors are very nice as well, it's not to bold but it works for some occasions but I would recommend this product.

Beca R.

I like the product. Purchased it at a discounted price. Decent color pigmentation, but fades after a few hours. The sponge happens to fit my eyelid very well. I do however wonder how it would apply on a smaller eyelid.

Ashley S.
Doesn't make sense

The concept of this is to be able to wipe the sponge brush that comes with it in all the colors simultaneously and it be able to be applied perfectly in one step. (WTF?) No one's eye shape is the same, so this can't possibly work for everyone. Plus, the color pigmentation isn't good enough to be able to do it just once. The colors are okay on their own, but not great. And they're so narrow that it's hard to get a brush in there.

Chavalier J.

I would say I like it because of the concept but then when you put it on you have to add a little bit extra to make it pop because on my skin tone it doesn't appear to well on my eyes so I have to add more of the shadow in parts.

Melissa B.
Good Idea, Bad Execution

For the price that these cost I would expect these to be a lot better than they are. Now I mostly bought this because what they claim the brush does, which is apply the perfect eyeshadow look with one sweep, but the brush is a total fail no matter how I try to use the brush it just doesn't work for me. This also should have came with a lot more of the eyeshadow, the small little strips can be hard to get at without accidentally dipping into 2 colors. Did I mention how hard my case was to open?? I literally was trying to pry it open for about a half hour, so not fun. Now I love the eyeshadows themselves and wish they made these trios without the brush and with more product and of course cheaper.