Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

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Lyndsie  T.

I would give this a ten if i could it comes out the bottle white and just blends with skin tone I would say full coverage and you really don't need a lot this is probably my favorite and most interesting bb cream. I rarely use bb cream and have many selections but when I do decide to use it its this one; )

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Isabella K.

It feels like I'm wearing a high street product. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that it doesn't have SPF. It gives a little bit more coverage than other BB creams, moistruizers, stays on ALL day, doesn't sweat off even on the summer.... perfect.

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Mandy T.
L'OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier B.B Cream

When I first bought this product I was skeptical about it. Its this 1oz bottle with BB (Beautifying Beads) that Primes, Perfects, Hydrates, and Corrects. For me, it does all 4! I love it. I use it and it hides acne, small scars, and imperfections. A little goes a long way and it blends in with my skin tone so well. The best, it lasts all day for me and I am running around a hotel resort for 8-12 hours! Hope this helps :)

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Ashley B.
Amazing BB cream

I am actually surprised this product has not been reviewed yet. I actually received a sample of this product and decided to try it out. I have been using Garnier BB cream, and while I still love garnier's, this one is simply amazing. It comes in more shades than Garnier's too. Its thin, but a little goes a long way. It doesnt even look like foundation, more like luminizer, however after I applied it, I was amazed at how it blended PERFECTLY with my skin tone, minimized my pores, covered my dark under eye circles, it's flawless. Its not as good as garnier when it comes to covering zits, but being a licensed cosmetologist, I can tell you thats because its more like a luminizer that perfects your complexion. I am 100 percent in love with this product. It will be my next and last BB cream I ever buy!

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Allison A.

My holy grail of BB creams. This was my first BB cream that I've tried, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. I've tried others, but they just don't compare! I love how easy it is to blend. All you do is apply the product on your fingers and blend it onto your skin. Then watch the magic happen! It evens out my skin so greatly, I absolutely love it. Also, I have oily skin and I feel like it is great for my skin type! I recommend to anyone who's looking for a good BB cream!

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Rachel R.
First Impression..Not So Hot

This product dries really fast and a little does not go a long way, it feels like in order to cover your whole face one time it will take 1/4 of the bottle. Plus the product is supposed to change colors to your exact shade and it shades to a nasty snooki tan color and it looks like im wearing clown makeup. Not very impressed.

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Kaitlin W.

This product it's quite interesting it comes out white and has small capsules of pigments that 'break' when you blend it in. I feel like it assures you that you've blended it well enough. It also looks super natural on the skin, I feel like light medium was a bit orange for me so I got fair and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I got this for around $8-$10.

Amanda V.
My Go To in the Morning

When I wake up, I usually don't want heavy makeup on. I use this bb cream to even out my redness around my nose and blend it all in with my beauty blender. I love this product because it gives the perfect coverage and marches to anybody's skin tone. I recommend this is youre trying makeup out. This bb cream is amazing!

Ivet C.
My Favorite!

This is the fastest and easiest thing to throw on in the morning. Perfect for everyday use and doesn't make you break out! Alittle goes a long way and its very blendable plus light weight.

Emily T.

omg so great it feels like your wearing nothing it blends right in and smooths and blurs your face love this holy grail!!! But I wish they would make a larger bottle!