L'Oreal HiP Shocking Shadow Pigments

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Melissa M.

I use this in 102 Exciting. It lasts all night, does not fade or become oily at all. It's buildable and very concentrated. Great product that goes with any look (though I usually only wear this as an evening look). The product may come in a small package but believe you me, it lasts forever!! A little bit really does go a long way. Thanks L'Oreal for making a drug store shadow that can compete with the high end products.

Erica H.

I really love these....they are pigmented and thick enough that there's not much fallouts. They retail for 12.99$ i believe but i bought 5 of them for 3$ each at rite aid....I am not a fan of the brush they come with but that's with all eye products so I only use professional brushes. I love their vanilla like color.

Angela V.

I love these.. They are affordable and the color pay off is awesome... Like some of the other reviewers I wasn't impressed with the brush either but the brush wouldn't make me not buy the product.. I have many brushes I could use to substitute the brush that it came with.. I think everyone should try it out.. they are great little pigments

Mel S.

I own restless and rebel which i love so much! restless is my favorite one! its a dupe of MAC Vanilla Pigment and i personally like it better. I use restless as my brow highlighter and sometimes on my cheeks a little after i apply my blush. It gives you a nice glow without being too shiny or fake looking. Definitely worth the 12 bucks at walgreens!!

Raychel C.
Very Smooth Pigment

Oh, I just love these. This is proof that there ARE drugstore frosts/pigments that are just as smooth, sharp, and even as any high end make up frosts/pigments. I noticed that in the description above that it says there are healthy concerns for people with combination skin. I have combination skin and have absolutely no problem out of these at all. You can swipe it on easily for a sheer frosty look or pack it on for dramatic shimmery eyes. Absolutely beautiful!

Charnell C.

I have four of these and adore them. They give very rich color pay-off and the brush it comes with is my fav. Please keep in mind I have a small lid space and the brush is perfect. The only downside is that there isn't a wide range of colors, but what you can find, grab it!

Jenny L.

I'd like them more if they came with a better brush. They're awesome highlighters and some of their shadows have a sheen that changes color depending on how much you put on. Their shadow costs as much as higher quality ones and comes with less in their containers as well.