Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold


Jasmine P.

I used a whole can of L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold when I was wearing fauxhawks and updo's all the time and it really worked fantastic. The hold was great, the way it sprayed was fantastic and it didn't leave my hair looking completely over hair sprayed. The only thing I can say negative about it (if anything) is that I didn't really enjoy the scent of the spray.

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Lacey E.
Best Hair Spray

I hate curling my hair because I hate how hair spray smells and make my hair feel. I saw a few hair tutorials on youtube and a few people were using Elnett and were ranting and raving about it. I decided to give it a try. I love it! Although the smell isn't amazing it doesn't smell like straight aerosol bathroom spray the way most hair sprays do. I love that I can brush through my hair and my hair doesn't feel crunch and oogie. I'm almost all out...need to get some more!

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Soraya T.
Best Hairspray Ever!!

-Cheap -WORKS -Great if you're going out -Smooth Hair -Doesn't seems like you're wearing a helmet

Summary: You don't need to spend a lot of money on Hairspray, this is the one that all European Hair Stylists use and recommend.

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Bethany B.
Defies all odds

My fine hair is easily stiffened by hairspray, but at the same time, it won't hold a curl. I read about this spray in a mag and figured it was exactly what I needed, as long as the rumors were true. Thankfully, they were. This hairspray gives me the majorly strong hold I need with zero stickiness, stiffness, or dryness. I didn't think that was possible until now. And if course, the price can't be beat.

Rachel G.
Love at first spray.

I never thought I needed hairspray...but after using this one, I can't live without it. I got one in my New Beauty Test Tube, and I've been going through this hairspray like water ever since. I blow my hair out wavy daily, and it keeps their shape all day long and locks out frizz.

Maria Y.

One of my all time favorite hair sprays, i have been using this product for more than 10 years and i love it. Love how it makes my hair styles stay in place until i wash it off. Love how strong this spray is, becuase even my baby hairs are in place..when i use this product. LOVE IT!

Lori S.

I used this hairspray in high school for band shows and winterguard competitions. If you have ever been in colorguard, you know that your hair has to hold and stay out of your face through wind, flag silks whipping at it, and any environmental challenge you can think of. THIS HAIRSPRAY IS A HAIRSPRAY THAT HOLDS. But what is wonderful is that it is still a SOFT hold, you hair doesn't feel like plastic with this and it brushes out easily. Whether you need great hold for performances, nights out, or just need something to tame the frizzies: this is for you!

Margaret L.
great hair spray!

Love this hairspray! The smell initially is a tad like old lady moth balls, however I'm willing to overlook that for the amazing hold and lack of stickiness. It does not harden my hair and stays put all day. My hair texture does not take very well to curls :( but with this spray it helps to maintain the shape and lasts for hours. I also like the fact that it is readily available in any drugstore and very reasonably priced.

Leah B.

I first used this product in the summer time and I though it was a better alternative for mouse. I have Caribbean curly hair so putting something in my is a must! the hair product is perfect for up dos as it's non sticky however, i agree with the comment above.. some cheaper hairsprays have a better hold

Elisha R.
Not Too Bad

This hairspray honestly does not have a strong hold that I was expecting it to have. I used this hairspray when I curled my natrually curly hair and it wouldn't hold it. But when I curled my hair with a curler or deepwaver or even teased my hair, this hairspray held the curl pretty well! And I love to use a comb to brush out my curls so they won't look too formal and the hairspray doesnt leave no flakes behind on the hair unlike some other hairsprays I used! :)