Color Riche Le Gloss


Stephanie H.
Perfect Nude Gloss!
Photo of product included with review by Stephanie H.

This gloss is amazing! Loreal got this one completely right in my opinion. I have the color Nude Illusion and it really does remind me of a MAC gloss I had about 7 years ago. Just not sticky! I love glosses but I hate having sticky lips. This gloss is just a tad think which I think accounts for it's staying power on my lips. The color is gorgeous and can be worn alone or layered over your favorite nude lipstick to give it that extra something. If you have not check these out do. They are very affordable. I even found mine on sale for half price! You can not beat that!

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Jane F.
Great for glossy look!

I have this in Raspberry Splash. Love the color and the smell. It has sparkles in it, but your lips don't look glittery from it. Perfect for those days I just want some color and gloss!

It's not sticky, but you do feel it on your lips as a soft glossy texture. So if you prefer a matte dry feel, this is not for you.

Want to get it in more colors!!

Jacquelyn J.
Great moisturizing lipgloss!

I first bought one in Watermelon Crush and it feels amazing on the lips! After trying it out, I bought a couple more in Peach Fuzz and Golden Splash. They do apply sheer but I do not mind it at all since I'm used to sheer glosses like the MAC Cremesheen Glasses. I love that they moisturize the lips!

Tania A.
Nude Touch and Golden Splash
Photo of product included with review by Tania A.

This was love at first swipe for me! When I saw these on display at my local CVS I decided to give one a try and bought Nude Touch. WOW! This gloss feels so good on the lips. Smooth, moisturizing, and no tacky feel! The smell is a soft sweet smell, not overpowering at all. Nude Touch is a nice pink that I wear everyday(photo attached). I ran out and bought Golden Splash, (A warm peachy pink with gold shimmer), so that I would have a nice bright gloss for the upcoming summer. If you are a gloss lover, you need to give this a try!

Mimi D.
Just Adore

i saw this lipgloss in a magazine ad so i bought it in 4 different colors watermelon crush, really rosy, violet attitude, & peach fuzz. And i absolutly love every color they are all really glossy and great variations of colors. Love it

Kimberly K.

I have several of these glosses & they are really fantastic. They're nicely pigmented, go on easily & have decent staying power. Definitely one of the best drugstore glosses I've used.

Fancie B.

I have a few shades of this gloss and I pretty much love these! They smell yummy, the packaging is really cute, and they're a little moisturizing as well! These don't last very long (around2-4 hours) but they pack a bit of pigment too! Perfect for daytime looks when you want a slight wash of color and sheen.

Myrna P.
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

They have some pretty colors in this line but it doesn't last very long. You have to keep re-applying. Good thing- it isn't sticky and it doesn't smell bad.

Julianne J.
Pretty good, a few issues

I have been reading about this on Beautylish for ages and finally decided to get one. I knew I wanted a pink one, or Nude Touch, and I opted for Nude Touch for some random reason I can't remember. The packaging is super cute but SO SKINNY. I don't know if these glosses have your standard amount of product or these are on the skimpy size, but still full priced. Either way, there was no way you could tell how tiny these are from the pictures. I'm probably being a whiny drama queen, and these have plenty of product, but it just irked me when I got it. Nude Touch is a great medium pink with tons of shimmer and shine, a nice taste and a vanilla scent. The applicator is a little annoying and gets goopy but is easy enough to wipe clean, and I can always use a lip brush. All in all these are great- but a little over hyped and I don't think I would repurchase seeing as how there are other glosses out there without these little problems, and there are so many others on my wishlist. Glad I tried this out though!

Nikki Z.
Such nice lipglosses

First of all, these lipglosses smell delicious. Like cupcakes! And the colors are really nice and wearable. The pigmentation isn't super heavy but it's definitley there. I also like the long skinny tubes. Easy to carry yet you get alot of product.