PRO Palette


Metta X.
Amazing Palette!

So this was the first palette I purchased that I was really excited about! When I purchased the Naked palette, (let's be real) I bought it because of all of the rave on how good it was. I still very much do love the Naked palette, but this one is definitely better! I love the fact that it comes matte shades on top, and shimmer shades on the bottom. The neutrals in the palette can definitely work for a natural look, or you can amp it up for a great natural smokey eye. The shimmers are amazing and look absolutely stunning! The shadows are all very pigmented and super soft; a little bit of the product goes a long way. I also love the fact that it has a lot of different shades as well. The Naked palette comes with more natural brown and bronze colors, whereas this one comes with a purple and blue, so you can change up the smokey eye look's color. The fact that this comes with a mini eye primer is a thumbs up as well! The primer is very soft and very similar to Urban Decay's Primer Potion. The packaging if very very convenient because it's SUPER slim! I love that, but the downfall is the material that the case is made with. I love the material, don't get me wrong, but it gets dirty really easily. But no worries, you can clean it with makeup remover wipes, if you want to and have the time. Another thing that I'm not too fond of is that your brush can pick up a little too much product and therefore you waste product. Because of how soft the eye shadows are, you have to be extremely careful not to swirl your whole brush into it, or the shadows will just powder everywhere, leading to getting the whole palette looking like a mess, so just be careful! Last but not least, the amount of product you get for the price is great too! You are getting 16 shades of amazing high quality eye shadows, and a travel size eye primer all for only $42!! That's pretty insane once you think about it and do the math. Over all I think this palette is a little better than the Naked palette and this is definitely your one stop shop. This is the only palette you'll ever need for an everyday base.

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Alyson B.
lives up to the hype!

Fabulous range of shades going beyond great neutrals - you can do so many looks with these. I also love that there are shimmers and mattes. The shadows are like BUTTA - but be careful or you'll make a mess since some brushes 'chew' up soft shadows. The pigmentation is soooo on point, even with the palest of matte shades. No chalky mattes here, ladies & gents! I totally bought this just because of all the raves on Youtube, etc. and I am happy to say I am NOT disappointed in the slightest. It's so affordable, too! Great value!!!

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Lauren M.
Move over Naked palettes, here comes the Pro.

Oh. My. God. Where do I even begin? First of all, let's appreciate that this palette has a balance of matte and shimmery shades. It's fantastic considering you don't always want to make a look consisting only of shimmer shadows. Secondly, the pigmentation/formula is just fabulous. The eyeshadows are smooth and velvety and glide on with ease. It's a very buildable product that blends out like magic. Finally, you get a nice amount for a great price. My only criticism would have to be on behalf of neat freaks, and it's that the palette itself can get pretty dirty. That being said, it is very compact and sturdy .Overall, this is a must have, and I always recommend this over any of those naked palettes.

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Julianne J.
HG eyeshadow palette! By far my go to and most used!

For xmas 2013 there were soo many awesome kits and palettes floating around- so hard to choose. I was stuck between the Carried Away set by Tarte and Too Faced's Shadow Bon Bons. But the Lorac Pro was a constant want, and seeing as how I don't have the Nakeds 1 and 2 or the Naked Basics, I figured this would be a good nude palette dupe. Its more than that and I couldn't be happier with it! Pros: Cheaper than the Nakeds, has luxue, creamy shadows and silky mattes, sleek, lightweight package with magnetic enclosure, easy to store and flip up and use, has everything you need! You get jewel toned smokey shades, and a ton of neutrals. I love the mattes on the top and use those the most. White, Cream and Light Pink make great lid and highlight colors, as do the shimmers Nude and Champagne on the bottom row. I love the uniqueness of Mauve and its versatility- smokey eye blend out/crease. Taupe is a great smokey eye blender shade and I use Taupe at the brow base with Sable in the middle and Espresso at the tail. Ta Da! Perfect brows! Espresso is great for a brown liner and Black is a perfect smokey eye base or liner. Sable is wonderful for soft smokey eyes. Lt. Bronze is a great lid color, Gold is great on the lower lash line, Pewter doubles as a smokey eye/crease/lid color and is super unique, and as is Garnet, which is also versatile. (Can go with Pewter or darker with Deep Purple and Slate). Deep Purple and Slate round out the palette, making it a smokey eye, as well as neutrals eye palette! Its perfect for travel, has a pretty good mirror and its been my most used palette. I just find myself compelled to play with it more and more and its so easy to pop on some shadow in the morning and it will look fool-proof. The top row of mattes look excellent with black winged liner- so you have your pin-up looks right there. Most used shades: Cream and Taupe. Most unique: Mauve, Pewter and Garnet. Cons: There are hardly any, but I will mention that the package gets easily scuffed, even with gentle handling, so it will not remain matte black like it comes in the mail. Also, Mauve for instance is a little stiffer to work with, so if your brush is at all a little damp it will be hard to blend this shade out- or even when your brush is dry- so just take your time a little with Mauve- but the extra second or two is worth it as looks just gorgeous in the crease with some browns, or as a transition blending color. Its really a stand out shade in the palette, and I feel like a lot of palettes include shimmery roses but NOT matte mauves. All in all, love these buttery shadows- with their ease of use, and range of looks. LORAC makes insanely good shadows and this palette deserves all the hype it gets!

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Lindsey H.
My favorite palette!

I'm obsessed with this palette for so many reasons! The packaging is nice. There is a magnetic closure and I've never had an issue with the palette opening in my makeup bag. I've also dropped it a few times (oops) and none of the shadows even chipped. There is also a large mirror, which I use as my main mirror when traveling. It's handy!

The eye shadows themselves are great. Half are matte, half are shimmer. I prefer this combination of textures over either Naked palette, where you're getting mostly shimmer. I feel this combination allows for more looks. It's definitely a versatile palette. The quality is also great.

The matte shades are all wonderful. None of them are chalky. All are nice and velvety, with little to no fallout. They are VERY pigmented, though. So a little goes a long way. The shimmer shades are also fun. All of them are great quality, with the exception of Champagne. I had high hopes for this one because the color is so beautiful. However, it seems to be a different formula than the rest. Rather than rich, satiny shimmer, it's more of a cheap, glittery shadow. I swatched it on my hand and immediately there was glitter all over. I tried it on the eyes and had glitter all over my cheeks within minutes. Other than that one shade, the rest are amazing. The other shimmers are very much a satin finish, no glitter at all. Pigmentation is out of this world. Love, love, love them.

All in all, it's a great palette. You have a little of everything in it. You can do anything with it, from super natural, to smokey, to a fun night out look. I would definitely recommend it over the Naked palettes any day!

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Ashley V.
I love this palette!

I have used this every single day since I got it! You have your mattes and shimmers all in there! It's a warm neutral palette and I'm a warm neutral shadow type of girl. It's also really great for me to travel with, because it fits perfectly into my makeup bag and I don't have to worry about digging for my single eyeshadows like I used to. So that's really convenient. The shadows are really pigmented and long lasting if you use a primer. I personally use the primer that comes with it or my Urban Decay Primer Potion. I also like how I can do both day and night looks using it. Overall, it's an amazing product and I most definitely recommend it.

Crystal B.
used daily!

I own both 1 and 2 and do not go a day without using at least one color from them. They are smooth and buttery, blend great and have amazing shades for day or night. it's a must buy in my opinion. :)

Laney E.
Great overall versatile palette.

I bought this palette back in October with some birthday money. Let me start off by saying this is great versatile palette by itself, it is also a good palette to compliment other palettes such as; the Naked 3 by Urban Decay in which I feel is an incomplete palette. The eyeshadow are so buttery and smooth. They blend like a dream! I will say when I first got this palette I didn't use it very often the colors did not speak to me at all , but I have grown to love the palette to bits ! Overall it is a truly amazing palette. I rate it five stars!!

Jessica D.

I just received this as a birthday gift and I love it! I'm a huge makeup lover and asked for this palette and I was so happy to have received it. It is the best eyeshadow palette ever, no joke. I love that it is half shimmer and half matte. None of the shades are lacking in pigmentation, they're all amazing. It also comes with a travel eyeshadow primer, and I will be purchasing the full size. My eyeshadow lasts all day when wearing this, even through a long day of work! If you're on the fence about this, you need to get it! It's very versatile and the colors are amazing!

Myrna P.
Love Love Love
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

I have been wanting to buy this palette for a long time but held off due to the fact that I own all of the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay! I like my UD palettes but LORAC's eye-shadows are amazingly easy to work with and the color payoff is beautiful, gorgeous, stunning...I mean it is my favorite makeup palette of all. You have an even amount of matte and shimmer eye-shadows. The shimmer eye-shadows are not overly shimmering either which is something I really dislike. I have been using this palette everyday, I just cannot get enough of it!