Shea Butter Hand Cream


Connie Y.

This is the BEST hand cream I've ever tried. This has shea butter so it leaves your hands feeling soft like a babys butt!! The smell is also amazing & I will definitely continue repurchasing. One thing I don't like about the packaging is that it is pretty difficult to get all the product out because it is in a aluminum tube.

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Lauren H.
Very Nice!

Smells yummy, and soaks up instantly making your hands oh so soft! My hands and knuckles get ridiculously dry and chapped in winter and this helps a lot. I even use it on other areas with dry skin and it works so well. You don't need too much either but it does soak up rather fast so you have to be quick when using.

Anu H.
Your hands will feel like a baby's

Apply and massage in just a small amount on your hands and instantly you'll want to kiss your own hands (as weird as it sounds). The fragrance is soothing too.

Natty G.
Really really good hand cream!!!

I bought this hand cream when i was at duty free shop in Copehagen international airport. The first time that i used this product ... I can feel on my hands that my hands dont get dry anymore and it can last for very long long time , moreover, i like the smell also .. It worths 47 DK ^_^

Jennifer D.
One of the best hand creams you'll ever buy.

I love this brand L'occitane especially when i travel i see it all around i put some on and i get such an instant effect on my hands, seems smoother and in better condition prior to using it. It works fast. There are also other comparable products like nutragena norwegian formula comparable. I have the mini size $10 for my purse and I love it. I also put it by my computer and since i was my hands a lot it's a great handcream. Something instant about it attracts me I see a difference right after I put it on. Great Quality

Natalie C.
Bedside Essential

During the holiday season around November, I rush to get the gift set of this product. It comes with the full size tubes of the shea hand and foot cream plus a travel size shea hand cream. I use these up during the winter months! I can't live where I'm living without it. The radiator in my apt during the winter makes the air extremely dry in my home, plus the blistering cold and wind from nyc just makes my skin awfully dry. I always make sure I have the travel size hand cream in my purse wherever I go, especially where there's dry air, such as an office building. It smells wonderful, pretty much like J&J baby lotion and the foot cream smells like lavender. It makes my skin so soft and never greasy because it sinks quite quickly into the skin. I keep this in a basket next to my bed so I don't forget to use it before bed, plus its just handier that way when you need quick moisture.

Elise S.
Best hand cream i've ever tried - Rush out and buy !

I pretty much love everything about this product. The scent is very muted and sweet, reminds me of butter, almonds and cream. Its texture is very lightweight and moisturising. Overall it is a great product, extremely smooth even on dry super-sensitive skin. Thank you L' Occitane !

Miss N.
Amazing hand cream!

This product is the best out there! I was a little skeptical until I used it for the first time....I was instantly a fan.

Worth every penny! Alexis pretty much said everything for me!

Love this product!

Alexis H.
The best hand cream e-v-e-r.

Hands down, the best hand cream! It has a very light scent, and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy. You also only need a very small amount - a little goes a long way! It's a little expensive, but it does last. I bought a tube about a year ago, and I've used maybe a third of a tube. Totally worth it if you have dry hands. My aunt who has very sensitive skin uses this as well & swears by it.

Romee H.
The best hand cream for dry skin!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is the best hand cream I ever used! It has super rich creamy texture with very mild scent. It made my wintery dry hand into soft and fabulous with out greasy feeling and stickiness! My personal favorite favor is 'Cherry Blossom Hand cream' smells so pretty and softness last long time!