Laura Mercier

Undercover Pot


Kookie S.

This one's a winner! You get three products in one awesome package which is perfect for travel. The top portion has two products: Secret Camouflage for covering imperfections such as acne, has a tacky, dry texture which is good because this means that you'll get long-lasting coverage. Secret Concealer has a lighter texture and is blendable. For both, you don't need a lot.

The bottom part contains the Loose Setting Powder. It comes with a sifter so application isn't messy at all. The powder itself is translucent. I use it not just to set the concealer but for my entire face as well. It's finely milled and feels soft on the skin.

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Krysty C.
Best concealer combo ever.

I got this with the Flawless Face kit, and I didn't like it initially. It seemed dry (the Camouflage part) and the corrector for the under eye area seemed too light for my skin. Turns out I wasn't applying it correctly.

The corrector is in salmon: perfect for correcting dark under eyes. I use a nice concealer brush and just apply it very, very lightly. It really works to make me look less like the undead.

As for the camouflage, the only way to use it is to apply with the LM Secret Camouflage brush. With light, feathery touches, the coverage is perfect and really stays put.

I just don't know if you can purchase this pot on its own (minus the kit). Mine's halfway done so I guess I'll find out soon enough.

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Natalie C.
Lovely Travel Companion

This is really convenient for traveling since it has 3 products in 1 convenient package which is wonderful! The Secret Camouflage lasts a really long time and I use that solely on dark spots or zits. I use the Secret Concealer for my eyes and it helps conceal dark circles and puffyness but I'm not gunna lie, it does crease and it annoys me so much because of that. On an especially long hot day, it noticeably creases. It does however help keep eye makeup in it's place. The Loose Setting Powder is great too. Very fine and very translucent, so it helps keep all my makeup from budging for hours. I love using this more for convenient traveling. Though the Secret Camouflage is my favorite out of all 3 products.

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H W.
The only thing that works

I have really dark circles under my eyes caused by a skin disorder that my under eye area rolls causing the mascara to get traped in my lines under my eyes. I couldn't find anything to cover it up I tried every concealer from Benefit to drug store, Mac ect nothing helped. Then I saw this and went back and forth on if I should get he pot of just the concealer. I finally settled on the pot and the secret brighting powder I am a happy camper my everything is covered!

Maya C.
Good coverage.

The corrector part (on the right side of the pot) is fantastic. It totally hides my dark circles without looking cakey or creasing in the lines underneath my eyes. I use this basically everyday and a little goes a long way.

The concealer part (camouflage) is very dry and thick. I had a really hard time just getting this on a brush and then getting it from the brush to my face without it caking up. Lucky for me I don't really have blemishes on my face to cover up anyway, so I don't need to use this.

The powder underneath is awesome too. I use it to set my makeup everyday and it gives a really nice natural finish. It isn't mattifying, but it does keep my face from looking super oily for a while.