Laura Mercier

Finishing Brush

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Lera J.
very poor quality compared to other LM brushes

So, i'm just going to say it, I HATE this brush. It's disappointing because I love almost all of the other Laura Mercier brushes. Why such a strong hate for this, here are my reasons: -sheds like a mofo (of course brushes shed, this one is almost worse than my dogs; Shiba Inu's have epic blowouts) -the actual bristles have come out of the ferrule, like as in with the chunk of glue that holds the bristles together (I've never had this happen with ANY brush, EVER) -the ferrule has come apart from the handle -EVERY SINGLE TIME I wash this brush it smells like a barnyard (this is now 2-3 years later) Now before you go saying anything about how I care for my brushes...I have had a majority of my brushes 5-10 years, some as old as 15-20 years, so back of my brush care! It's the one thing I can say without a doubt I care about my brushes (way too expensive to be replacing!) I have owned about 5 of these brushes (because I want to make sure i'm not just getting a bad "batch"), I have given all but one of them away and I only keep that one because it keeps my Laura Mercier brush set complete. I have multiples of many Mercier brushes because they are so great. This one however misses the mark on so many levels. I barely use it, unless I have to when working for Mercier and even then I usually go to another brush to get the job done. Sorry Laura Mercier, everything else is ON POINT though. Buy another companys version of this brush if you're looking for this style.