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Mandy C.
True love <3

I had a Lancome blush similar in color, but my grandmother gave it to me a few years ago and since I've usd it all. I decided no other blush could compare to it; whether it was color, texture, or price. Without hesitation, I went straight to Lancome and asked if there was a color similar to my old one. She handed me two, Plum Noir and Aplum. I loved both, and I do plan on going back to get the other one, but plum noir screamed my name. Even though it was a little pricy, I don't think any blush can come close to this one :)

Ruby K.

Lancome Blush Subtil is one of my favorite line of blushes to use. The are super blendable! You can start out light and take it up as much as you want without it looking super heavy and it has just the right amount of shimmer in it to where it doesn't look super shiny like heavy glitter but a nice subtle highlight. I definitely recommend it!

Arkia M.

I was at the Lancome counter about a month and half ago with my aunt. My eyes were instantly drawn to Shimmer Tamarind. Its not an option here but the color is gorgeous!! It might look scary to most, but when you put it on its the most natural looking flush color! I get so many compliments when I wear this. I'm not going to lie for $30 i was like eeeeekkkk!! I don't want to pay that much, but luckily i have a very nice aunt who splurged for me and I am so glad she did. I really really really LOVE this product!!

Joshua R B.

I've used this product once or twice at my school's Cosmetology club for the annual fashion show, don't remember what shade I used, but the application was very fine, buildable which I loveeeee ,and the color is true to the skin, not too matte and not too sparkly :)