Hypnose Star


Jordan B.
best of the Hypnose collection!

I've been using Hypnose mascara for years. I mainly stuck to the original but last year tried Hypnose Drama & Doll Lashes. Drama is too clumpy & the brush is a pain. Doll Lashes is just blah. It flakes off with in minutes. But when Sephora gave me a sample of Star I fell in love. The brush coats every lash & separates them with out making them look spikey. I have very long full lashes & this mascara just makes them look fake. Which I love. I always get compliments on my lashes & I will always recommend Lancôme :)

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Jaclyn N.

Hypnose Star is great for volume and lengthening! The formula also makes your lashes look super dark. I think this because the formula is a more wet compared to other mascaras.

Alisia G.

This is the most perfect mascara you will use. I only have the sample size but adore it and can't wait to buy myself the full size product... It makes your lashes so thick as well as lengthy! Expensive product and should be due to quality.. No clumps, nothing but beautiful lashes

Paula C.

I love Lancome's mascaras. Before using Hypnose Star, I used Doll Eyes, but nothing beats the Hypnose star. It makes my lashes so so thick. It really adds so much volume to my lashes. My lashes are not too long but they arent very short either, but this mascara makes them look a 100 times better. Honestly my best purchase from Lancome so far!

Janelle A.
Love it!

Definitely one of my favourite mascaras! It gives me great length, volume and definition. I've never had it smudge onto my brow bone however my lower lashes are sometimes a problem. I usually use this only on my top and a different one for the bottom.

Jasmine V.

I love this mascara! I bought the doll house and I got the sample size of the star one and I wish I bought the star mascara because it's so much better!!! It gives volume, length, thickness!!! I love it!!!