L.A. Girl

Rock Star Nail Lacquer


Ish K.

I just bought this one and I loved it!! I've been wanting to find a black-blue like this. I got one before of another brand (don't remember the name), in the bottle looked perfect, but on my nails it looked plain black, so this one is so perfect. I can't stop staring at my nails (: will get more as soon as I can!

Kinha C.
the most beautiful color !

It's the most beautiful nail polish ever !! I got Punk and Crowd Surfing. Punk is my favorite. I love dark nail polishes and I love blue too, so it's perfect, the only thing is that you need to apply 3 coats to got a great color, but it's ok for me. The Crowd Surfing looks amazing above a black polish I'd try more of these but I got too many nail polishes already

Nikki Z.
Surprisingly good

I picked up 3 of these when they were on major sale and I am a big fan of dark shimmery colors and these fit the bill. And I gotta say I am genuinely surprised how opaque they are. The brush is a good shape, they dry pretty quick, and 2 coats give you a great color.

Julie D.
nice colour!

I bought one of them as a test colour because I was interested in how it looked since I had never seen a dark purpley black with purple microglitter, and I love it. It goes on smoothly but the brush could be improved and looks like a cheap brush and is very bristly, but you can use that to your advantage if you have longer or wider nails.