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Art Deco Nail Lacquer


Tabitha R.

I love how small the brush is, so you can paint little designs on your nails! They have great pigments, so you don't have to do two layers or anything. I have all the colors, I think. I use them regularly, too.

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Octavia B.
Perfect for any nail design!!!

I have almost every color, their not clumpy at all,they have a nice clean sharp brush,it gets the perfect edge,the colors arent thin at all they have a nice rich vibrant color. Hopefully this review has helped <3333

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Ann D.
Affordable and easy to use!

I have many of these. They come in a lot of colors. I like the long, thin blush. Makes it easy to do lines, pretty petals and much more. They last a long time and for only $1 they are so worth it.

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Christy V.
great for the price

i love these , the brush makes it so easy to draw any kind of line . my only complaint would be that they get thick really fast . ive only tried the red glitter so it may be something that happens with the glitters , nothing some nail polish thinner cant fix ;)

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Abbigail C.

I love these I use these all the time, every time I go to the mall or the Dollar Store I get like 3 of them. I love the price, they are very cheap and affordable. The color stays on long and they have a great brush.

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Amanda L.
A Little Dissapointed.

The first time I purchased these i bought 3:

1. The White 2. The Black 3. The Silver Glitter

The black works fine and i do like it somewhat. But the silver is way to liquid-y and it clumps up all around the brush. And then the white brush was ruined! It's bristles were all jacked up and when I went to paint a thin line with it, it painted like a normal nail polish.

But i was able to get nice results with the silver. The only negative i found to the silver was that it wasn't opague enough for me.

But the black striper was my purchases saving grace, it works pefectly and because of how well it worked, I will most likely purchase more. I mean, you can find them for as little as a dollar!

All and all, there ok. But they are great for begginer nail artists (which I am), so untill I'm ready to invest in more Konad plates and nail brushes, and dotting tools, these will do fine.

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Jessica C.

the brushes are TERRIBLE the fall apart so easy! ive bought 3 and all of them either the hairs slowly fell off everytime i used them or they all fell of at the same time. i buy them for the colors and then use a small art brush from the art section.

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Nahomi L.
you get what you pay for.

Not worth $1 lOl. I used the only a few times before they started to clump... needless to say, ,they aren't even thin anymore. i had the hot pink color, a purple, and a gold.

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Kayleen W.

this stuff sucks big time.! it doesnt last.! the colors are good but the brushes sucks and its hard to do somthings i dont know if it was mine but i dont like them at all

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Jenni L.

my mom started doing nails and she bought these for her designes. she bought multiple colors includinf white,gold,silver,green etc. the brushes messed up after a while but i cant complain