L.A. Colors

Art Deco Nail Lacquer


Jenni L.

my mom started doing nails and she bought these for her designes. she bought multiple colors includinf white,gold,silver,green etc. the brushes messed up after a while but i cant complain

Morgan B.
Pretty good for a dollar

I guess it's okay if you are beginning nail art but the striped itself gets too big and floppy and gloppy to the point where I just can't use it anymore.😶

Elanor D.

very thin texture, I didn't like how thin it was. on certain colours it wouldn't show up, and even if it did it was very weak. I would not recommend this product, because I have tried other colours and the same result had happened every time.

Lauren K.

I love L.A colours and when I found out they had stripers for only £1, I got a whole box full of them, and they lasted ages, but you have to take care of them as they can get quite sticky if not cared for well x

Lily A.
Not worth the money!

I found this in a shop for only £1.99 and was amazed, now i understand why it was so cheap! It went sticking and lumpy after about 4 days of purchasing it! Will not be buying again!

Emily W.
They're only a buck, why not.

I love the variety of colors and the included striping brush. The formula starts out nice but quickly turns goopy and thick. I was able to revive them a couple of times with nailpolish remover to thin them, but eventually I had to throw them out. I got pretty decent use out of them though, so worth the price. I kept the brushes to use as nail art brushes with my other polishes.

Nahomi L.
you get what you pay for.

Not worth $1 lOl. I used the only a few times before they started to clump... needless to say, ,they aren't even thin anymore. i had the hot pink color, a purple, and a gold.

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Ann D.
Affordable and easy to use!

I have many of these. They come in a lot of colors. I like the long, thin blush. Makes it easy to do lines, pretty petals and much more. They last a long time and for only $1 they are so worth it.

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Christy V.
great for the price

i love these , the brush makes it so easy to draw any kind of line . my only complaint would be that they get thick really fast . ive only tried the red glitter so it may be something that happens with the glitters , nothing some nail polish thinner cant fix ;)

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Angie A.
So sparkly

I've borrowed the bright orange before, but I only own the green glitter. It's a beautiful, emerald green, super shiny. The only issue is the brush. I wouldn't recommend it for nail art - maybe tips. It's thin, but not thin enough for close work. Overall, however, I like the formula.