Special Polish


Victoria  G.

I own a beginner set and it's amazing how clearly the image comes out when stamped. Worth the money! You can also use other nail polishes for the plates. It's amazing what you can create with this set.

Cathy B.
Love it!

It is perfect for stamping.. the colors are pretty too! it can be pricey but you can always find them cheaper on various websites.. You can also use regular polish.. but these are thick enough to stay on long and come off the plate with ease.

Skye D.

Although you can use other polish on the plates, I found this works the best. It stays for a long time. I just would like to use it as a base coat, I have heard it does not dry. It come in allot of cute colours too!

Sara C.
pretty good!

i own the black polish and it works so great for stamping but i find it a bit hard to clean up and it gets very thick and goopy after awhile but it's definitly worth the buy!