Nail Dress Fashion Strips

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Alli W.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. When applied correctly (which isn't too terribly hard, I'm impatient) they are so cute and when you put them on your toenails they last FOREVER. I've had more compliments on my nails wearing these than I've ever gotten when they were done for me. I'm obsessed with doing nails and I love these when I need a quick fix. The Sally Hansen version is completely different... It dries out if you don't use ALL of the strips -at once --these are stickers so they don't dry out or chip. They're incredible.

Ashley B.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I got these. I sort of expected them to be like nail polish in sticker-esque form. Opening them up there was quite a pungent vinyl smell to them. To me vinyl was essentially what they were. They have the feel/consistency of a window sticker. Anyway, the whole idea is to stick it on one side and stretch to the other. Well, it doesn't go as easily as you'd expect. In fact it's really quite difficult. One of the most annoying things to me is that it seemed once they stretched they wouldn't stick. They also bubbled up around the edges like crazy. I ended up just peeling them off due to how atrocious they looked. I believe I paid around $6.99. For that price I could have gotten a set of 100 blank Kiss nails and some good nail glue, and that is exactly what I will do next time. Stay away from these!

Alonda R.

Love these. I use them on my nails and toes. They last longer than 10 days. This is a great buy for a really quick polish change without the drying time.

Tinni N.
Pricey but overall good

Comes with 28 strips which is nice and odd. $5 ones with free shipping that are nail polish strips, these are more sticker like. Try

Erin M.
Not good at all!

so, I got these thinking I would save a few $$ over the Sally ones... so not worth it... they kept cracking when I was putting them on, and would not stay, or stretch well to fit smoothly over the nails... Also, it says you can use it on your toes, and I could not get them to stay on my toes for anything! Take my advice, save your money... don't waste it on this

Amber R.
Wouldn't stay on...

I did my nails at night and by the next morning they were all peeling so badly on me I just ripped them off. It's a shame because the patterns were very nice. I would however love to use these as nail stickers in conjunction with polish. Maybe with a top coat they'll hang on better. Full review at

Amoure J.
All "Dress"d Up
Photo of product included with review by Amoure J.

I received this product a few times in my Influenster product box and each time enjoyed them. The Nail Dress stickers are very easy to apply and fit almost every nail with ease. I have small fingers so I was pleasantly surprised that I could find enough of the stickers in the back to go over each of my nails. The pack contains approx. 28 stickers and they even give you larger ones so you can dress you toes (great for the Summer or dressing out for the beach), or you can save the rest for the next time. The cut pieces can be saved and used again to make up your own nail designs which I found really neat which means you're not wasting anything.

They come is tons of styles and some are even 3D w/ jewels and accents on them. A very quick and easy way to dress your nails and go.

Jessica L.
Loved these

So over all the Kiss nail stickers cost about $7.99 a box, each box contains about 26 nail stickers and a little nail file. You can cut them or use them as is, and mine wore for about 5 days without a top coat. They do exactly as they claim, go on easy with no drying time and come off without nail polish remover. (Just peel them off when you are done with them!) I loved that it took me literally 5 minutes to do my nails and didn't have to wait half a day for them to be completely dry. I put mine on and 2 minutes later took a shower, they stuck! Like I said, mine lasted about 5 days before they started to tear, I'm sure they would have lasted a little longer if I'd used a top coat. I work in a kitchen so I'm pretty hard on my hands and they are constantly submerged in water so 5 days was no small feat! Normal nail polish lasts a day, 2 max, on me. I got tons of compliments on them so that was a wonderful perk. I also loved that you can cut them up and create any design you choose on your nails! (Finally those of us with unsteady hands can have nail designs that don't cost $40 a set!) The down side is that is you handle them too much or don't get them smoothed down all the way at the tips they peel right back off. I recommend smoothing the middle down first before even touching the sides, I found it was the best strategy. Overall I loved these little stickers! I would definitely buy them, check them out for yourself! Their website has a store finder if you are having a hard time finding them on your own. *I received this product complimentary through the VoxBox product testing program.*

Kao Yee V.
Simple and quick!

Ever get tired of trying to paint your nails without having to get your polish half coming off before it dries? If so, you will love this product. I did!! I was hesitating to buy either just regular nail polish or the Sally Hansen Salon Effect until i came across this product. Their basically the same thing. Just the fact that the Kiss brand was a couple dollar short and with a coupon. I got this at CVS for $6.99 with a $1.00 off coupon and thats not all, I also got a $3.00 extra cash too for actually buying the nail dress. So basically, I paid $2.00 and something cents for the nail dress. What can go wrong? Lets get to the point. I fell head over heal for this. I'm thinking of going back and get more. Hehe. Its super easy to apply. You can adjust the sticky part to fit your nails and then just press on it when your satisfied. There are lots of shapes and sizes to choose from. I even had left overs for my toes. The plus side to this, it is still usable after the product has been open and expose to the air unlike the Sally Hansen kinds you can't save it for later. Overall, I am very liking this product. I will go back and use that extra cash to get one more set. Oh, there are 26pieces in the box.

Enough said, now go out there and get yourself some. You will love 'em too. :)


Precious F.

I found these very pretty but thick like a real sticker and like a real sticker is just what it was,I wound up with trapped miosture after wearing a few days and I was beginig to get a nail fungus! Hated them might use a accent or decal.