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Kiehl's 'Blue' Astringent Herbal Lotion


Sharon E.
I will never use any other cleanser

I had the problem with my skin where all the doctors basically wrote off my acne as "hormones." They tried me on creams and whatnot and even that did nothing. All I had to do was wash my face with this and use the matching moisturizing cream and my skin has literally been phenomenal. It completely cleared up. Every now and then I will get a pimple before my period, but I don't have any bumpy textures and my skin is the softest it's ever been. I don't use it every day, I don't even wash my face every day which makes this even more amazing.

Laaya A.
Acne Treatment that actually works!

I still didn't get to buy this yet, but I used this as a sample to try and I honestly have to tell you that this is worth your money! I need to purchase it because it helps with acne in every way. It makes your face feel so clean and just everything. For this, I recommend that you us the blue herbal, cleanser and toner before using the lotion because it gives full results. When I woke up the next morning I seen that my face was brighter and cleaner than before. I also notice that the acne started to disappear. What I like about this is that when you put this on, you feel a burning with all three of the products.. It's not as bad, but you feel it working! I recommend this to anyone with acne because this really works!

Sophia T.
Completely cleared up my skin!

This whole line together has completely cleared up my skin, and improved the quality. This smells great and minty unlike most toners. It is not harsh on my very sensitive skin. I love it.

Ashley E.
Blue Magic.

This is a toner for men and women. I would not suggest using it everyday on your I was introduced to it over 10 years ago for razor burn on legs. I have not been without a bottle since...and I'm only on bottle three. As I do not use it but once in a while. If you use moisturizing lotion on your legs, make sure to put your lotion on first, because after you use this astringent, it is nearly impossible to rub lotion in right away.

Ning C.

This is too strong for me to use as a daily toner (I have sensitive/combination skin), but I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet to clean out popped pimples.