Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Mi Vida Loca Palette

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Kristen W.
Adore this palette!
Photo of product included with review by Kristen W.

There is no denying that this product is eyecatching. I have never seen colors like this in any other palette, so I had to try it. I love the texture and pigment of the shadows. They are very soft and smooth, but a couple of the shades can be a little powdery. The shadows are a little more pastel that what the appear to be in pictures. Despite the bright colors, I find them very wearable and they give the perfect pop of color. And they also stay on all day. All in all, this is a great palette. And as an added bonus, it comes with a gorgeous blue liner.

Cortney S.
High Quality and worth the money!

Although you can get many eyeshadow palettes from drugstores etc for a much cheaper price- $36.00 for a high end palette is not bad at all. It's hard for me to find a palette of this pigment or quality for under $48.00. I loved the colors and reviewed it on my website and youtube because I liked it so much. The colors can be played down if you don't want super vibrant colors on your eyes. I LOVE this for Spring and call it a must have!

Yvette C.
Pricey, but worth it!

I've always been a fat of Kat Von D's makeup, ever since it was launched I have bought every single piece! When "Mi vida Loca" line came out I was super-exited because her colors are usually on the Neutral or Gothic side of makeup. But this one is fun! Different! Bold! Colorful! Just like I am! The colors are very bright and bold and when used in combination with her High Voltage primer it kicks ass! Of course, $36 for an 8 eyeshadow palette is up there if you ask me, but it is really worth it and I recommend it 100%

Alexis R.
Really disappointing & inconsistent

I know a lot of people love these palettes and maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but I was so disappointed when I tried to use this. I've tried several times actually, and I've found that the different colors are of very inconsistent quality. Some are very pigmented (the white gold in particular, and the magenta), but then the dark purple is so dry and stiff it barely shows up even after packing it on. The white gold in particular is extremely powdery, so just swiping my brush across it a couple of times left it looking destroyed. The fallout from that shadow and the light pink one too, is so bad it's ruined my makeup several times. I don't know if I just got a defective palette or what, but for the price I was extremely disappointed by this product, it seems like they barely put any effort into quality control with it. Which is heartbreaking, because it looks *gorgeous*.