Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Metal Orchestra


Saigh C.
Saigh C.'s Review Image

I use this palette for my all time favorite look. I use Glock all over my lid and smoke it out with Lucifer and use First Class as my highlight. The colors in this palette are so amazing!

Amber C.
<3 it!
Amber C.'s Review Image

i LOVE this palette although the cream color is pretty much unusable after the first use that is really its only downfall. the colors and amazing and the price is reasonable. i would definitely recommend this palette :)

Sarah M.
Aside from the cream color, this palette is perfect!

I -love- blues and this was my first time buying a Kat Von D palette, based on this, I'm going to buy many more. I love the pigmentation and the sparkly dark blue is my favorite out of all the colors. The set includes a wonderful matte black that can be used in many looks. I would highly recommend it, only I would warn that the cream color is totally useless.

atiya j.
great shades.

I love this pallet the colors blend well and go on smoothly.. The colors are very pigmented alone and if you put on a white base(nyx milk) the colors pop more.. But what I really like about this palette you use it year round and create MANY different looks with it . The colors are all frosted and shimmer except for Lucifer which is a matte Black. My favorite of them is Thrasher which is a deep blue shimmer. With the cream shadow you have to reallllyyyy rub your finger in it to warm it up and catch color. These colors are great on all skintones!

*First Class (white with silver glitter) * Techno (azure blue with glitter) *Thrasher (sapphire blue with shimmer) *Dagger (matte navy blue with sparkles) * Lucifer (matte black) *Glock (gunmetal silver shimmer-also in the adora palette) * Razor Gray (medium grayed silver that) has slight green undertones on brown skin! * Slayer cream shadow (shiny metallic silver-also in the adora palette) ..

Hannah I.

This is such a great palette and it is very pigmented, the only downfall is the cream shadow because it dries out within a few months which isn't very long.

Nadia N.

I love this palette and this is probably my fave from her in line. The only shadow I don't like is the cream one cause its hard to work with. I love the techno shadow and Dagger shadow the most

Victoria D.
Not Bad
Victoria D.'s Review Image

Out of all of the palettes that came out when Kat Von D first launched her makeup line, this one remains to be my favorite still. The blues and greys are absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention it includes a matte black shadow, which is a must! I probably use that the most out of this whole thing! Either way, I really wish she would stop putting those gross cream eyeshadows in her palettes. I've never even HEARD of anyone being able to even use them. So that's a loss, which sucks, because in this one it's silver, and it just looks so damn pretty. I do have TONS of fallout with these shadows though. The little brushes she includes with it, honestly only makes that worse. They are pretty useless.

Shannon H.
Great For A Smokey Eye

I have always been a big fan of Kat Von D and was really drawn to this palette because of the blue shades. I have used it a couple of times, primarily for the shades dagger, glock, and razor gray, and the colors seem to stay on very well with a good primer. I have not found much use for the cream shadow and from other reviews have heard a few complaints about it. Other than that though, I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone who likes darker shades, and I think these colors really complement any eye color, especially brown.

Jen C.

This palette is great except for the cream shadow. It was nice for a bit, but it dries out. I really don't think it's necessary. I love the blue colors for a smokey eye. I've used this so many times for long hard nights of partying and it always stays on my eyes.

Sonja D.
Good Colors!
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Overall, I like this palette. I bought it at Sephora with a gift card. I don't think I would pay $34 out of my own pocket. I bought it for the color "Dagger" which is a beautiful dark blue with some bright blue sparkles. The blues and greys are nice but I don't ever use the white shade. I HATE the cream shadow, it makes my lids look lumpy and wrinkly and it's dried out way too fast.