Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Memento Mori


Ellen E.
Love! Use it almost everyday!

This palette is everything I always wanted in a makeup palette. I saw one tutorial on YouTube and went out immediately to buy it. It has all my favorite colors, and everything blends so well together. Except that lame ass cream color. Mine's completely dry now and unusable. But everything else totally rocks. I will cry my eyes out when I run out of these shades. Peggy and Sugarskull are probably my fav's out of the whole thing. I use sugarskull almost every day as a highlight on the inner corner of my eye.

Nadia N.

Beautiful spring and summer palette! I love all the colors again except for the cream shadow. True is very very hard to use. Peggy, hard luck and solitude were why I bought this one. I found that my favorite ended being hard luck and sugarskull. Sugarskull is a interesting color a creamy lemon with a greenish tint

Ashley C.
GORGEOUS Neutral Palette for everyday with a staple of Shimmer!

I purchased this palette when sephora had there $10 dollar off deal in october, so i was so excited to try something other than her lipstick which are amazing! Out of all her palettes i picked this one i am a neutral kinda girl and the white palette with the teal design is to die for!

The eyeshadows are very easy to blend, highly pigmented and full of shimmer & glitter! I wanted this palette for the Teal color because it has a gold undertone and its gorgeous on my lids with the creme yellow and my fair complexion! plus gold shadows are my favorite shadows to purchase & wear and this palette has a golden sheen to all the shadows! sometimes i have noticed that certian colors come off a bit chalky so i sprayed Fix + and foil them if needed and they look amazing so no messy fallout needed! In all all these shadows work very well with other brands such as MAC, Sephora Brand & Wet n' Wild!

I havent used the creme shadow as a shadow im afraid, i have used it as a eyeliner i axtually thought thats what it was LOL! i set it will a MAC eyeshadow and it is gorgous! i have never had a problem i normally let it dry and add another layer if needed then quickly set with powder to darken the color a bit!

If you have the oportunity to try any of her palettes i would! Especially this one it screams neutral & springtime to me!

Ashley G.

I've never actually used the cream shadow, because personally I don't like them.. but the actual eyeshadows are great, some are better than others the light purple is a bit on the chalky side, but it is still a pretty colour and easy to work with. My two favourite colours in this are: the light green, and the darker brown they are both HIGHLY pigmented.

Luna V.

I've yet to be able to use this line's cream shadows without crazy creasing...

That said, I really like the colours in this palette. The three neutral shades can be used for everyday, work-friendly looks, while the brighter colours can be used to liven them up, or create more fun, funky looks. Tijuana is one of the prettiest blacks I own--it's got a very bright gold shimmer to it, though it falls out a little over the course of the day.

I do think these shadows require very precise application, though. If not careful, or if using the wrong brushes, they can look a little messy and smeary. But if you have time to do something fun and really have a good go at it, this is a nice palette to have.

Nia S.
Pop of life!

These colors are IT! lol i live em. Especially the black color because you can actually see the glitter once its applied to your eye. The shadows are soft so if ur one who hates any type of fallout then it may bother you. I use most of the shadows wet so it doesn't bother me as much but the cream shadow is BLAH. Once you use it the first couple times as a base, ur shadow is NOT going anywhere but it dries out very quickly. Didn't Like that about it . Also that one cream shade is such a random color lol

Rachael Y.

I purchased this b/c I love purples and greens. Some of the colors and very pigmented and some.... not so much. I dont like that the purple (the one to the far left) is a cream shadow. I thought that I was going to, but I dont. I did receive a few compliments from the "looks" I made from this palette but I dont think Im a huge fan of Kat Von D's eyeshadows. I will try to use this palette again next spring or if I go out to a club or something this winter.

Leiris E.

This is the only Kat Von D palette I own, and it will probably end up on the "products I regret buying" list. I think that if I were transitioning from drugstore make up to higher end brands, this would be a good in-between product to get because you get a number of colors for a good price. However, I am already used to brands like Urban Decay, MAC and MUFE, and these shadows don't quite live up. My biggest complaint is how much fallout they produce. A lot of product gets on your brush when you swipe it, and if you forget to tap your brush, it will be all over your cheek. The pigmentation is decent, and the color selection is nice, especially if you don't own a lot of eye shadows already. The case is really nice because it snaps shut firmly and is compact (nice for travel). The main reason I regret buying this is because I'm not going to use it very much, and I think I could have spent the $34 on something else I would use more. My favorite colors from the palette are the aqua/teal, peach and bronze.