Kat Von D

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Beethoven


Monique S.
KatVD True Romance

I am not a big fan of the shimmer shadows. I do constantly use the matte colors - the mattes give lovely payoff. Mixed with a liquid transformer/mixing medium, the shimmer shadows are good eye liners.

Jessica R.

The colors are beautiful, versatile, & so incredibly pigmented! However, I have found them to be MUCH too fragile! I have two different Kat Von D eye palettes & I've ended up with like, 3 broken shadows in each of them! Maybe I'm not gentle enough with the palettes, but I'm not throwing them around the room here, come on!

Stephanie B.
good color variety

I remember going through a phase where I wanted to get this palette. When I finally had the money, I was super excited that I went and bought it. As soon as I swatched the shadows, I fell in love right away. It seems that you only need a little bit of these shadows for a look and you also don't have to dig into them like i do with other shadows. I am considering buying more of the Kat Von D products.

Jen P.

I was really excited to try out this palette but to me, the colors were nice but they applied quite sheer and chalky, and it was only a few hours before it would start to wear off / smudge. I rarely use it now and when I do, I really only use the black so it just sits in my room gathering dust for the most part. :(

Tasmeea K.

I love this palette. It has the perfect shades for a variety of dark smokey eye looks. Extremely pigmented and the colors last for hours even though I don't wear eyeshadow base or primer! And you won't believe how well these babies blend. However, I feel that I would have been better off with some of the new Kat Von D palettes as they seem to have a larger variety of colors. Oh well, I can just always get another palette :D

Nickki S.

i am obbessed with the smokey eye. This palette is perfect for that! the colors are fabulous and they stay on all day long! I will never by another eye shadow palette again. trust me. This palette and all the other palettes in Kat Von D's collection are well worth the money.

Haley M.
Good colour pay off!

I have had this palette for a while now. I purchased it when it first came out and have really enjoyed it. All the colours are beautiful, but I use the matt black and brown most often. The colour pay off is brilliant and I like to use the brown shade to fill in my eyebrows and it stay on all day (and I don't set my brows with a gel!). I recommend this product. Thumbs up!

Natalie B.

I just got this as a birthday present and I love it! I love the sleep palette it comes in and the size of the colors is pretty nice. The colors themselves are so beautiful! With a base or primer they really pop on the skin. By themselves you have to pack it on more, but just use a primer and it'll be gorgeous! I cant wait to try Kat's other palettes.

Tianna D.
Bright Bright Colors

I got this as a christmas present in 2010. I love Kat VonD and my mom thought this would be a great gift, and she was right. Even if I didn't like the shadows I would have kept this pallet because it's Kat VonD's. Luckily I do love the colors. They are CRAZY pigmented but you can still use them for wearable everyday looks if you just lightly tap your brush into them. Love the colors and love the packaging.

Jillian E.
Still use it after years

The colors are rather pigmented, i never use Speed Blue, Razor Grey or Rad Purple. The Rad Purple has alot of glitter fall out but i love Lucifer, Leather and Tequila! Worth the purchase however the brush that comes with it is useless ive only ever used it as a lip brush!