Kat Von D

Shade + Light Contour Palette

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Sam B.
Great for all skin tones!

This is a great product for all skin tones. They match perfectly for fair, tan and deep skin tones and blend great! They are very pigmented, so do not go heavy handed at first, build up the color.

Erica W.
Versatile and Highly Pigmented

This contour palette is amazing, I've been using mine every day since I purchased it in February! The powders are all highly pigmented and buttery, making blending extremely easy. I'd recommend this palette for beginners especially, since there's a helpful guide included and it has matching "highlight" shades for each contour shade. I usually end up using the highlight shades to set my under eye and concealer as well! I am also able to use every single color in this palette for different looks or events, which I feel is rare with products like this.

Laura N.
All-time fave for light/medium skin tones!

This contour palette has something for everyone. For my very yellow, pale skin, it has my favourite contour powder and undereye setting powders of all time. The two lighter contour shades work beautifully to simultaneously warm up and contour my face, and the yellow-toned highlight shade is something I use every day to set my undereye concealer. It mattifies my undereye and makes my concealer last all day. I've purchased two of these palettes, and I will continue to buy more!!! I just wish Kat Von D would make the palette refillable, as I seem to use up the yellow highlight way before any other shade.

Elaina S.

At first, I was torn between this contour palette and the Anastasia one. I definitely have no regrets choosing this one. All the shades are smooth and blendable. The color pay off is great and it is super easy to work with. I think this palette would work for a large range of skin complexions. I wish Kat Von D would sell the shades individually.

Liz G.

This is one of the best palettes I've had . I purchased the Ulta palette which works great . However this Von D palette is so pigmented and amazing . 💙

Lillee J.
Photo of product included with review by Lillee J.

The pigment is amazing and I love how the shades are organized by pink, golden, and peach undertones! The best part for me is how the shades have build able coverage- I would defo buy this over the ABH contour pallet since I haven't even broken out when the ABH made me a huge pimple within an hour. Go Kat <3

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