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Kat Von D

Kat Eye Brush Set

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AusTina S.
Kat rocks

I love my Kat VonD brushs. One is like a liner brush. One is like a soft shadow is like a contour brush ..One is @a slant...and one for blending.....each one is different and unique.and the case keeps the Bristols straight.... Kat has it going on!!!!

Luna V.

Three of these five brushes have quickly found their way into my every-day bag. The angled and regular shadow blenders are great for just that--blending. I've used the eyeshadow blender for all-over colour applications, but it's very fluffy so don't expect to get any concentrated colour off it. The smudge brush is a must must must have in my brush arsenal--it's perfect not only for smudging lines, but also for applying loose pigments and deeply pigmented shadows. The bristles are short and dense, but still rather soft, so it's not uncomfortable to apply.

The other two brushes in this set, however, I could do without. The angled brush is so stiff and coarse that it really is only good for brows, and frankly, I don't really need two of the same style brush for separate functions--one angled brush is good for me! The flat brush I never really used, either. It's made of a stiff plastic-feeling bristle, and my eyes hated me for even trying it.

Taylor K.
good for quick looks, or begginers

this brush set was the first i got and it was great for learning and figuring out what brushes i could do what with. but with that being said these arent ideal for dramatic looks or looks with a lot of depth or layering.

Candice B.

So I bought this set a few months ago and I love it it is very versatile for travel in your purse and on your makeup table although i love this brush set i did find that it is kind of scratchy on my eyelids especially the angeled liner brush but that could just be that i have sensitive skin because i have used it on other people and they don't mind it .

Kimberly E.
great if you like the brand

This brush set is nice. It's not spectacular, but it doesnt suck. It's great for someone who loves the line and needs some brushes. There's just nothing about these brushes that make them stand out from the rest. They are great for travel. I