Kat Von D

Autograph Eyeliner


Leslie O.
Good with a gel liner base

I'm so in love with the color, is a super black eyeliner and it looks great. I always apply first my maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner on the corners of the eye, and then I apply the KVD autograph eyeliner. I usually do this because the color of the KVD liner comes out after like 3 or 4 hours. The product is good, but I'd like that it lasts longer.

Yamuna K.
Best. Liquid Liner. EVER.

This is the BEST liner I have ever tries and i've tried many. I love the formula and the brush and the packaging. The liner stays on my greasy lids all day long and resists rain which my old fav (urban decay) could not do at all. It's super easy to build a cat eye or keep it thin and simple. Whenever I wear this liner I get compliments and get asked which liner I use. The only downside is that if you make a mistake you gotta get a makeup wipe or a wet qtip asap because once it drys it stays put.

Love it so much, I'm on my second bottle and I will repurchase.

Melissa F.
Just liquid.

Expectations were high especially coming from someone who loves their liquid eyeliners. When applied the color comes out faded and so I had to wait for it to dry and apply 2 more coats which was ridiculous! Didn't last all day on my eyes, so it was a bummer.

Melissa S.
Dries and stays on great

I really like this liquid eye liner, puro amor is super black and it dries really quick, i personally use sigmas E05 brush to apply it because i find that the brush that it comes with is to flimsy and easy to mess up. other than that i think that its a great eye liner and its perfect to wing out your liner :)

Elene P.
Best Liquid Eyeliner

I was resistant to Kat Von D's makeup line at first because it was so gimicky but her eyeliner is great! The applicator is the easiest to use that I've ever come across and the liner stays on through everything. It's also easy to wash off just with face wash and since I'm all about convenience, that's a huge plus for me. My daily is the Puro Amor but I also have it in Homie. The colors are all too fun to resist!

Chelsea H.
One word... Easy

I love this! The brush is thin and super easy to work with. It also last super long too, I have had my for like a year and I am actually out and need to get more lol :)

Shruti A.

I love this eyeliner and it is so easy to use. If you love liquid eyeliner then you have to give this one a try. It goes on very smooth and it doesn't dry out or get clumpy or flaky like some other liquid liners I have used . I love the brush and it makes for a very precise application.

Niki P.
My go-to liquid liner!

I have Puro Amor and I use it almost every day. It's very precise and the brush allows the freedom to paint it on super thin or thick. It's my favorite liner to use for my cat-eyes. I own a few products from Kat Von D and have never had a bad thing to say about them.

Shannon H.
Use it all the Time

First of all, I own a few of Kat Von D's products and I absolutely love how their packaging looks. Not only do they look appealing, but they really work well. I found that this eyeliner I bought in Puro Amor is really easy to apply, while it still stays on all day. I use it whether I'm trying to create a fine, thin line or a bold and thick line on my eye. I found that this eyeliner was nice and dark, which was what I would expect out of a black eyeliner. Even a thin line on your upper lashes with this liner really helps define your eyes.

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Raven N.
Puro Amor is one of my favorite eyeliners
Photo of product included with review by Raven N.

I really like KVD liquid eyeliner. I have six different colors of the autograph liner.

Puro Amore - My go to black liquid liner, it is very pigmented with just one stroke and the brush has just the right amount of stiffness while still being a brush (vs. felt tip). Very easy to get a thin or thick line and make a wing.

Love Metal - Gunmetal gray, looks nice, goes on a bit sheer but you can add another coat.

Eyegasm - Bright teal, great pigmentation, goes on smoothly

Brass Knuckles - Bright yellow gold, very pigmented, good formula

Homie - Dark plum purple, very dark and pigmented

Call Girl - Light greyish blue, formula is a bit lumpy and difficult to use, flakes easily

Overall, they are all very good with the black being the best. Brass Knuckles is also a favorite. Call Girl is the only real disappointment - I was expecting a bright blue so the color was a huge let down (I bought this one online) and the formula on this color is terrible - one of the worst I have used.

Also, as with all KVD products, the packaging is beautiful.

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