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Lavender Hand Cream


Melanie C. Team
Pleasant scent

If you're not a fan of lavender, this may not be for you. I used to HATE the smell of lavender, something about it was just super off-putting to me for a long time. When I discovered Jurlique products, I realized I didn't hate it anymore, I just had to find the right line to help me get in touch with that "soothing lavender" scent that seems to be present everywhere. Jurlique scents are never super overpowering to me and just have that luxury scent to it, most likely because they use real plants and herbs and hand pick all of them to create the essential oils that are very present in their products. This hand cream is also very hydrating, not super thick or greasy and great for tossing in my purse when I need a pick me up. Sometimes I even cup my hands together to breathe in the lavender scent, especially when I'm feeling kind of stressed. It really helps!