Undercover Creamy Concealer Stick


Danzii U.

i tink d jordana cream stick concealer is an awesome product to allows easy really covers up blemishes..i av personally use it it and i give it a thumbs up.i bought it for like $1000JM and its worth every penny

Diana G.

so im always shopping for concealers i seem to have an infactuation with them lol so anyways i bought this one day really not expecting much from it since i bought it for $1 and having previously tried jordana products i had a ever lasting opinion of its products quality but being that it was yrs ago since i had last tried their products i decided id give it a go wada heck its only a $1 so as for this product its surprisingly good considering it goes on great on my dry skin specially around my eyes the consistency is good n it also smells so good like watermelon? lol i used it on my sister and she thought i was applying lipstick on her face because it smelled so good i had to show her the packaging for her to believe me =)

Kendra F.
Cheap but Good

I bought it for only $1.25 and I like it a lot. It will cover up the darkest of red spots as long as you blend it well. It works really well if foundation is put under it first, but I usually go without the foundation and only use the concealer stick and it looks just fine on me. Why spend $18 on a concealer stick when you can get one at the drugstore for so much cheaper that works just as well as the high end ones (like the one from U.D.).