Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara Black

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Kitty K. Moderator
Exactly what it does, for a low price.

If your a mascara junkie like me, then you'll know what I'm talking about. So spoiled rotten with the obsession of mascaras, that you usually buy high end mascaras and know that a lot of them don't even compare to drugstore ones. When I heard about this cheap tube of mascara, my initial thought was simply- bite me. However, for the price I thought I'd keep my mouth shut and agree to try it. If you're like me, the whole ' x number of swipes'. just doesn't cut it. My lashes are next to invisible without mascara, so I have to do the whole 'Place a card, wiggle, zig zag up and down get into it real good' method. Usually by doing that, I get asked if I'm wearing falsies. ( From invisible to false... isn't it sweet? ). And this mascara did just the job. It was pitch black ( alot of them are black brown. ) and was able to volumize my lashes and lengthen them. This would be a good dupe to Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Volumizing Mascara, which I haven't found anything better than and wish I could. So for the long run, it's great. I think everyone should this in their little make up bag, and for the price... it's amazing.

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Darcy W.
Can't go wrong!

I heard and read all about this mascara! I thought $3, why not? If i had to compare to high end mascara it gives the same volume and blackness like my MAC opulash.

I wish it lengthening as well and had a waterproof version too. However, it does exactly what it claims extreme volume and holds the curl.

I use drugstore/high end mascara on myself & in my kit. This mascara is very much used and beloved. I love it more than Dior mascara!

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Kelsie R.

Amazing product especially for the price! If you are looking for a cheap good mascara that volumizes and doesn't flake this is the way to go. Jordana is such a good and affordable brand. The balm stains and gel liner pencils are amazing too!

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Courtney M.
My loveeee

One of my favorite mascaras! Makes my lashes so thick and black! 😍 on my 3rd tube. Will always repurchase. Wish it lengthened but it's not meant for that so I understand.

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