Easyliner For Lips


Julianne J.
Best lip liners I've ever used!

I had a good feeling about these. Jordana is a drugstore brand with serious pigmentation and amazing quality for a great price. That being said, I investigated a little with these and heard good things, so I was willing to try out a product that is not super hyped, nor is on the crazy popularity radar. These are a hidden WIN. Everyone should have these! They are so cheap, have tons of product and are retractable. You don't need to sharpen them and the shade range is insane! I like these better than MAC's lip pencils and they are similar to Rimmel London's exaggerate lip liners but unlike the Rimmel ones, are strong and don't crumble or break. I like my MAC lip pencils but they are a little dry and stiff, while these are creamy MAC dupes that glide smoothly on any lip, dry or otherwise. I went a little overboard with these and ended up purchasing Cabernet (Nightmoth dupe), Plush Plum, Terra Kiss, Sedona Red, Rockin' Rose, Tawny, and Silver Lilac. The first three I mentioned are amazing for vampy lips, Sedona Red is perfect for a pin up pout, Rockin' and Tawney are amazing for adding definition to nude lips and Silver Lilac adds a little kick to a pink lip. All of these liners look and work amazingly as lip colors- go ahead and fill in the whole lip, and you have a beautiful lipstick, that won't be drying. I can't say enough about these. I'd say these are as good as the NYX liners. Both are cheap, pigmented and creamy. What's not to love? For the availability and price, (any Walgreen's) you need to try at least one! They also work amazingly with my other drugstore faves, the WnW Megalast lipsticks.

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Bobbi W.

I'm a big fan of Jordana lipliner but have never tried this one! I have 3 of them! They're easy to use, they glide on so perfectly, and the colors are great! Next I will get the blue! :D

Bailey B.

These are great to have in your makeup bag if you have to touch up your lipstick. I love using these to line and fill in my lips and then apply a lip stick over them to ensure that no matter what, color will still be on my lips. They are creamy, don't have a smell, and they come in a good range of colors. Not the best of quality, and they don't last all day if you just use them as a liner instead of filling the whole lip aread in. If you're just getting started into makeup or you are looking for a cheap lip liner, try these out first. Xx

Brenda R.
a good overal lipliner

i have to say, i was very pleasantly surprised with this product, it's nice and creamy as well as pigmented. the best part of all is that it's very cheap,which just goes to show you that you can definetly find good drugstore or cheap products

Charissa Y.

I got these lip liner pencil on sell at a local walgreen store. The pencils are usually retail for $2.99 +tax. -but I got the lip liner pencils for only 25cents!!! I thought that they were a great price and bought me a few, but should of bought more. The pencils r very pigment and comes on nicely. It's not so smooth either where it can glide on the top of your lips but it's not dry either.