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The Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks Nudes: Volume One


Esther l.
5 out of 8 liquid lipstick were half empty..
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I was really excited about this collection. Unfortunately I am going to return it 5 out of 8 of them were half empty. Don't get me wrong I love Jeffree Star's products but not this time.....

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Jocklyn S.
Formula can't be beat!

First of all, I was literally sitting at my computer watching the countdown to make sure I got them as soon as they went on sale. For some reason I thought they would sell out soon, but they didn't. Anyway, I always chose to purchase my Jeffree Star products from Beautylish because you receive your items so much faster than from the J.S. site.

Ok, now for the actual product review. I didn't purchase them strictly for the mini size. I was excited for a collection of nude like colors that I can wear to work, and I didn't have any of these colors in my current colors. I always pack whatever lip item I chose to wear that day in my bag for retouches during the day. However now, I'll chose 2-3 of these to just carry with me all the time and can use these when my lipstick wears off. I don't have to worry about packing anything in the morning and if I forget, no worries, I'll have a back up.

I don't care what people's personal opinions are about Jeffree Star but his Liquid Lip formula CANNOT be beat. I wore a liquid lip from another company's collab yesterday and it was very patchy and felt very sticky on my lips about midday. Now, granted it's a darker purple like color and sometimes those colors are patchy across companies for some reason. But Jeffree's liquid lips go on so smoothly and feel so light, I forget sometimes I'm wearing anything on my lips. It is transfer proof and lasts a long time. I have realized that it's best that you exfoliate your lips first and don't apply any wax time lip products before hand. If you follow those directions, you get a beautiful finish.

Thank you Beautylish for your lightning fast shipping and the care you put into shipping every product.

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Lindsay H.
beautilish customer service is amazing
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I wrote a review earlier about my half empty bottles of lipstick, and beautylish was amazing in correcting the issue. this is why I love to order from this site :)

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Angela B.
love this formula.
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love the speediness, love the packaging , love the formula. only problem I had was one of the lippies was only little over half full.left message with beautylish to fix the issue.

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Gabby G.
Empty patches!!
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In Jeffree’s review he said the were filled to the very tip? I’m very disappointed. Please fix this Beautylish! I love your site but I’m so sad! 😭

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Allie H.
Great nude lips starter kit!

I received the lipsticks today and ordered them on Saturday around noon. Shipping was extremely fast and being able to split the payment was also very nice. The packaging is incredible It really feels/looks high quality. The lip shades inside are stunning I've been wanting to try many of these shades for a good minute now. I will say if you have a deeper skin tone, the first shade which I believe is skin tight may not work for you but the rest definitely will. The formula is just like his full sized liquid lips and has the same Root Beer smell which I'm not personally a fan of but you can't smell it on the lips. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a good starter kit of nude lipsticks these are true nudes while offering some darker shades that will look amazing on many different skin tones!

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Erika J.

Okay, so here's what I think has been happening with us who are receiving the "half full" lipsticks. Now, I could be wrong since I don't know where everyone else lives but I live in a cold climate.


I think the lipsticks just got COLD and some of the product stuck to the top of the lid, or the upper portion of the container because a day later after I wrote the first review on here (Why I'm writing another one now) the product seemed to warm up, and I was now able to shake it up unlike before.

I let it sit overnight to see if it would fall back down.


It stayed.

SO, to me that means that they ARE full, the product only was cold slash had trouble settling do to shipment.


Jeffree, you did me right with these lipsticks, so it was only fair of me to give an update. Also, special thanks to the team of Beautylish for getting back to me on this matter ASAP. Looks like I won't be needing that free return label after all.

More reviews to come, Xoxo.

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Lindsay O.
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I am so thrilled with my purchase! This was my first time ordering from Beautylish and so happy I did. The packaging was absolutely beautiful and the liquid lipsticks are to die for. I tried each one the moment I opened the bix and I can honestly say I love each color. The box also looks so nice sitting on a shelf in my little beauty nook! Super fast shipping! I ordered on Sat and it was delivered this morning. I will definetly be ordering more products by Jeffree Star and from Beautylish in the future.

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Tamar S.

Received my order today. Shipping is so much faster than the JSC website. Anyways beautiful perfect nudes. There were issues with couple of my lipsticks so i messaged customer support. Expecting to hear back in a couple days as a lot of other companies can take that long if not longer. Literally heard back 5 minutes after. Resolved the issue and they're replacing faulty products. I am so impressed with the customer service that I am going to always shop with beautylish for anything I need as long as they carry it. Thanks again so much Melanie!

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Scottish H.
So adorable!

I just had to get this set! I'm not a massive fan of matte lipsticks.....but I LOVE Jeffree Star, liked the colours and thought the packaging was ultra cute as I'm a sucker for full size anything shrunken down :) I was sooooo excited when I seen Jeffree talking about the launch on his YouTube channel and so glad I ordered them. The formula is super easy to apply and the pigment is cray-cray....but as I feared the highly matte look just doesn't suit my old ass 38 year old face :( I'm going to have to use a gloss with them....because I don't want to return them x

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