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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Alien Eyeshadow Palette


shaunagh  F.
Disappointed by beautylish
shaunagh  F.'s Review Image

The colour pallete is amazing as usual!! But very disappointed with beauty lish this launch.. one of the eyeshadows have come back marked and looks like someone’s nails have been dug in it then re pressed 😢 for how much I paid it’s so disappointing and I feel like beautylish has been unfair with there response. I’m now stuck with it even though I’ve paid so much. It’s a shame because I never normally have troubles.. Jeffree Star products are amazing and my favourite so very disappointed 😢

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Meg R.

Jeffree Star has done it again and I'm loving the Alien palette so far. I've bought every JS palette and I swear he's perfected the formula! The shade range is different from most other palettes on the market right now and the color payoff has been unbelievable. Every matte I've tried has been pigmented and applied beautifully and the metallics are like actual butter. My favorites so far are "alien", the metallic green, "abduction", the matte chartreuse (I live for a chartreuse moment) and "probe", a duo chrome teal/reddish/brownish whatever shade. Actually now that I'm looking at the palette I have five other favorites but won't bore anyone with that. The ONLY nitpick I have is the packaging. I just don't love it... I feel terrible saying it but it's true. It's an awkward size and shape and doesn't fit well in my makeup travel bag, which is pretty big and can handle a lot. I do like the shiny chrome background that the shadow pans are on. I am considering buying a second so I can depot this one into a more manageable palette but still have a "collectors" one . I did this with Blood Sugar and felt like an absolute monster destroying it but it's worked out much better for me and I use it a lot more now that it travels well. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me? I almost took a star off for it but that's dumb and petty. The actual product is awesome and I highly recommend giving it a try!

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Allison S.
100% honest opinion

I love jeffree stars makeup, up until this palette I never have had an issue with anything. I didnt order the palette from beautylish, I ordered it from the actual jeffree star cosmetics website, but couldn't write a review there and came here to read the reviews. The chunks missing from the shades isn't even just from beauty lish, people who ordered from his website itself had chunks missing from their shades. Some of the shades are really recieving. First glance, all these shades are stunning. The first shade I dipped in to was flying saucer, the really teal like green color. It was chalky, and not that pigmented. IT TOOK ME ALMOST AN HOUR to blend out both my eyes together, and I tried several different techniques (the first time), gave it multiple chances with different approaches on how i applied and the surface applied to. IT DOESNT WORK. I had similar issues with Area 51. The shimmer shades prone and space cowboy dont go on at all how they look, and I've also given those multiple chances. Black hole, I had to use it 4 different times for it to not be weird anymore. Now it goes on fine. And the shade ghost OG was very similar. I've used every shade in this palette and I'm sad that the ones I gravitated to sucked royally. Aesthetically this palette is nice to have but unfortunately I feel like the quality did flop. I'm super disappointed.

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Taylor D.
Love it
Taylor D.'s Review Image

I absolutely love this pallete. It's been so easy to use for me. No issues at all with blending and no chalkiness. There is a lot of fall out though. But I don't really mind that too much. I've been using it every day and I just love it. The formulas are really great.

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Lumy G.
One of the best palettes i own!
Lumy G.'s Review Image

The palette design is amazing and the shade range is stunning!The formula is smooth and buttery and the color payoff is unbelievable!Everything from the shape to the colors and names is very unique!Jeffree never disappoints and this is his second best palette after blood sugar in my opinion!I had no issues with the palette , everything was perfect and packed beautifully by Beautylish. Do not be hesitant this is really one of the best palettes currently on the market !

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Ashley B.
I freakin love this palette! ♥️

So I ordered directly from JSC the moment it launched. Unfortunately the warm tone red shadows that are trending right now just make me look sick with a bad case of pink eye. I have been looking for a cool toned palette to suit my dark eyes and hair for a while. It took a bit to get here in the mail and the packaging isn’t my favorite but when it finally came I was blown away. It’s like it was made for me, besides the 3 super brights that I can use for FX looks. I own at least 30 palettes of all brands high end and drug store (bit of a cosmetics whore) and this is far and beyond the best one I own for what I’m personally looking for. Which is strangely neutral. A few years ago I bought the first palette, Beauty Killer, and I liked it but couldnt use it because it hurt my eyes and made them water like crazy. I was terrified that would happen again with this. It didn’t! No irritation. I’m so happy. I even slept in it to test it out and I can’t believe how good it looked even the next day. It looked like I had just applied it when I woke up. Mattes are pigmented but still blend out. Shimmers are amazingly creamy. Due to my eye shape and hooded eyes I usually do a gradient smoky eye with a few colors; light on my brow, medium in my lids, and darkest near my lash line. This pallets is perfect for that in every way. I can’t say for the super bright greens, but I could wear a combo of Titan, Phone Home, X-Files, Ghost OG, Tall Grey, and Black Hole for the rest of my natural life and feel gorgeous. Pluto and Interstellar are gorgeous for highlighters too. X-files is easily becoming my favorite eyeshadow of all time. So versatile. It comes out a little darker than it is inthe pan but it’s absolutely perfect. I could use that for my eyes and brows, ghost OG for liner, a little interstellar on the cheekbones, and a bit of mascara and I’ve got a great no makeup makeup look in a few minutes. could talk about how much I love this palette forever so I’m just going to shut up now. It’s great! I can’t say enough great things about these shadows!!!

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Bren O.

The palette is just stunning. I can't wait to see youtubers do the videos on how to put the colors together as I am a little stumped. I want an every day look, or an evening look, not alien looks that are on now. I put each and every color on my eyes, fabulous formula!! So different than the Thirsty palette, which was not a fav of mine at all. This reminds me of Blood Sugar, the formula is that good. Love the packaging but it is somewhat bulky. I am very disappointed in Beautylish. Usually you get 2 day shipping even for a big launch but not this time. I called customer service and they blamed it on the holiday but even taking that in consideration it should have arrived in a week. Of course the packaging of the item was excellent, but not happy at all with the long wait over this. Other than that this was a perfect purchase. I love the palette but need direction on ow to pair the shades. No other palette has stumped me like this!!

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Andra R.

This palette is great quality and pigmented. It swatches great and is great on application as well. I just used it on my eyes today and it was super easy to blend. I recommend dipping very lightly in the mattes as they are soft and pigmented. Area 51 was pressed slightly harder but still pigmented. That's the one shade that says it's not intended for use around the immediate eye area. That's really my only concern as I am not too sure what it means but I used it on my eyes today, so I guess I will see how my eyes react to it.

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Sammygirl T.
Outstanding, buildable, such cool grey and green shades

Wow, I have Blood Sugar and Androgyny, and a ver similar formula. So beautiful. Cut crease is a breeze, and just pack on that bright yellow in the middle. The light shimmers i used as a highlighter, so beautiful, so creamy it's just feels like butter with colour in it. Very buildable, packs a punch, coats the brush, but not a lot of fallout, some colours i stamped on with a brush just to increase intensity. He has done it again, will be purchasing again.

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Emily A.
Can't say enough about it!

Blood sugar formula meets androgyny vibes! This palette is one of my faves from JSC (I have them all). This one just stand apart from the rest. The colour story is something else. Not for everyone but if you like the look of it, it is a sure winner! Thanks again Jeffree <3

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