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Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder


Tae-yeong K.

I'm such a cult fan of Kevyn aucoin sculpting powder. and that is expensive...sadly. But this one is just perfect color, perfect texture and great bleandability. I'm really fair and warm tone. I 'm so picky about contouring powder because really lot of contouring powders are leaning toward too red or orangey. Not enough grey under tone for my liking. But this one is really different. If you know that Kevyn aucoin did renewal the contour powder. And that definitely changed!!!!!!!! texture is little bit more dense and color........changed. still lovely and greyish. but now it really has little bit of red undertone for sure.. BUT, this Inglot one is more similar to previous one. And I really happy about that.

Just.. so great. less expensive, more product (amount). just perfect.

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Gabby L.
great subtle contour

Not sure why this shade isn't getting any love!!! It's a great cool toned beige that is excellent for contouring. I love this on my cheeks and its a perfect nose contour. Sometimes i deepen my outer cheekbones with a little bit of 505(perfect taupe) but this shade is perfect for light skintones.

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Candice P.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Candice P.

Shade 504 and 505. I love these 2 colors pigmented but to much where you can go over board easily. Blends out nicely and has alot of options.

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Ditian Y.
I really love it !!!!

The shade is similar to the KA sculpting powder medium. It is easy to blend and works very well on my face. I really like to use it for my contouring. Inglot is very affordable. I love it so much!!!!

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Danielle M.

I'm totally in love with shade 502! This is my go-to sculpt/contour, everything in the description of this product is very true. Sculpting the face looks so so natural with this product. I like the fact that the contouring shades are not chocolatey like bronzer, but more taupe, looking so natural for any skin tone. The feeling of this product is silky to the touch, it is a sculpting powder with a creamy texture which I love! You will not regret this purchase :) I look forward to purchasing some eyeshadows, I've heard they are comparable to M.A.C, and less than half the price! :)

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Tung Tung O.
Great replacement of KA
Photo of product included with review by Tung Tung O.

I used to be a KA fan. I love both products but I can confidently say that I love this Inglot 505 better! This is a lot more affordable than KA. I even like it better despite their prices! The shade is very natural and looks good on me. Comparing to KA medium, this is a little lighter and easier to use. KA has just a little bit red compare to this, which could make my face look dirty if I use too much. With Inglot 505, I can blend without a problem. You can kind of tell from my photo that KA is more red than Inglot.

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Kate K.
504 is a beautiful purple gray color

Worked perfect for me !!! the purple gray color is better than brown and tan color on Asian skin !~

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Lisa D.
Great shade for fair skin

I've never contoured before..this was my first product! Before I became apart of the Beautylish team, I contacted customer service and they made this recommendation after learning I was a noob, super fair skin, and already owned the appropriate brush. I've since used it several times and it always looks lovely. Easy to blend, very forgiving, and beautiful on my skin tone.

Note- this is apart of the freedom system, so it's a pressed powder in a metal pan, not in a compact or container with a lid. So, you'll want to also purchase an Inglot Z-palette where the powder will ultimately live. It's all magnetic, so basically you add all of your Inglot products to the Z-palette to create a custom palette with all your favorites. It's awesome!

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Patience L.
The color example given is awful

The color example looked as if it would fit my skin. I bought it and was very disappointed. The product it's self was perfect! I used it on one of my pale clients, and it was beautiful!! Great to keep in my collection. I do plan to buy this collection and the rest of the collection for my clients and to hopefully try it on myself

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Elisabeth  V.
Soft like butta!!!

Very smooth very easy to blend it reminded me a lot of the kvd contour pallet but more cooler and CHEAPER!!! Love it

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