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Freedom System Eye Shadow

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Brenda B.

Goodbye M.A.C. and hello Inglot ! I have never been so pleased with a product line. Pigments are amazing. Even the matte white is white! Stays all day,no wearing off or creases! And it blends perfectly. After almost 15 years with M.A.C. and other high end cosmetics my search is over. Completely satisfied.

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Dani G.
Absolutely amazing.

You cannot go wrong with the inglot freedom system. I can only think of one bad thing to say and that is that you cant see the color number HOWEVER I love the freedom system palette design so I really don't want them to change it. The eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and they are dirt cheap. I swear to god you could throw your palette against a wall and the eyeshadows would not break [minor exaggeration but you guys know what I mean] the palette itself is so sturdy, and durable. It is also so sleek looking in my opinion and also I love that they can all magnetize together. so say you have three palettes you can just stick them one on top of another and they're not going anywhere. also the magnets are so strong the top is not going to come off. so you don't have to worry about traveling with them because there's pretty much nothing that can happen to them. A++ Inglot

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Anjelica S.
Amazing color!
Anjelica S.'s Review Image

I attended the Makeup Show in Chicago in June '13 and Inglot was on my list of cosmetics to check out. The lighting was pretty dim which made it tough to accurately see the product's true colors. #31 looked nice in the dim lighting, but when I did a swatch in natural lighting, the color was beautiful. It has a multi-tone affect, which I love! Sort of a dirty taupe with a hint of plum undertone, and reflects a pearl gold when the light hits. I use this color often when working with brides.

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Zenaida Z.
New favorite shadows!

I have a TON of different brands of shadows, with the majority of them being high end products. I can easily say that this brand is now my favorite. They go on beautifully, so pigmented and soft. They blend wonderfully, and last throughout the day (with primer, haven't tried them on my eyes without yet). They are definitely as good as, or better than, Mac eyeshadows. With the price of $6 per pan, there is no reason not to not give them a try! Love love love!!

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Jenny A.
How much more black could matte black get? Answer: none more black.

Smell the glove! This is some black, black. Wow. It makes my other black shadows look like grays in comparison. Terrific for tightlining, with no fallout. The pan is HUGE. Half again as big as the pan it is replacing (a discontinued aveda black that couldn't take getting a drop of saline on it) at half the price. I ordered it based soley on the fact that the pan was square so that it could go into my aveda compact. But it's too big. Oh well, I'm just going to get a small freedom palette because they aren't too expensive. Until then it is clinging to the outside of my aveda compact like a barnacle. A big black, heavily-pigmented barnacle.

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Louise M.
Best of basics

There's a reason that this is the most popular Inglot shade. It's a must-have neutral in any makeup collection! A pearly nutty brown with the faintest (and I mean faintest) hint of pink in some lights. Approved.

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Elisa S.
Most amazing yellow possible

First off, this color is so gorgeous I swoon every I time I see it in the pan. A bright, pure, full-saturation matte yellow with contrasting yellow sparkles. Next, it applies better than I've seen any yellow shadow apply before, and it easily lasts (no fading!) the whole day over whatever primer. I've been on the hunt for the perfect yellow shadow and without a doubt, Inglot has nailed it.

Also! If you've never seen an Inglot shadow in person, I just have to stress how HUGE they are! I was so surprised when I got my palette. Each pan is about the size of an iPod Shuffle hahaha! Amazing quality, and you get a lot of product. So far, worth the splurge. :]

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Sonja D.
Best matte shadows EVER!!
Sonja D.'s Review Image

I have these shadows and LOVE them!! The mattes are INCREDIBLE! I like the pearls a lot too! The ones I'm iffy on are the AMC's as they're not as nice to work with as the mattes and I have one DS which I don't love. But I would 500% recommend the matte and pearl shadows!!! You also cannot beat the price and amount of product you get for the price. I think people don't realize that you get 1.5 g of products in a MAC shadow and you get 2.7 g of product in the square palettes from Inglot (there's 1.5 in the round ones though). And for $4.50 apiece when you buy 10 or more (as opposed to $11 from MAC)??? Can you beat it?? I don't think so!

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Louise M.
Metallic taupey goodness

This color is a dream! On the cooler side of the spectrum, this Shine square is an opaque metallic show-stopper. It's not quite silver and looks gorgeous placed all over the lid by itself, yet it plays well with others. Browns, silvers, purples, you name it. I highly recommend it! (I wish I could attach a video instead of a mere photo; it's so beautiful when I move my hand!)

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Angie A.

Another beauty! Super shimmery, but more along the lines of an Urban Decay eyeshadow's metallic qualities than sparkly. This was said to be a dupe of Hustle on the list above. It's a deep burgundy-brown that makes a beautiful crease shade, especially when paired with 390. Definitely as pretty as it looks in the swatch.

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