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AMC Eye Shadow


Soo N.
good value
Photo of product included with review by Soo N.

Though I did like these eyeshadows, I was least impressed with them in terms of pigmentation compared to the Double Sparkle (D.S.) and Pearl ones. I only own three AMC eyeshadows: AMC 63 - matte black, decent application AMC 65 - black with multi-colored sparkles (reminds me of a pressed version of Sugarpill's Stella), can clump a bit in application, buildable AMC 67 - soft navy blue with sparkles, the least impressive application (out of these 3 AMC shadows), had to layer to get decent swatch Attached photo is a close-up of 65 and 67.

Danielle M.
Photo of product included with review by Danielle M.

I have two of these AMC 74 (matte magenta with silver sparkles) and AMC 70 (bright matte blue with silver sparkles). They are a bit harder to work with than the other shadows. I have found that if you place the color where you want it and lightly blend, they are much easier to work with. I find they are best for defining the crease or outer v.