Pure Pigment


Heidi C.
everytime i use this, people say "wow", without fail

i use beguile to highlight the tear duct, or mix with a medium to use as a liner, or just dab on to the lid over colours... and unlike a lot of other pigments or shimmers or glitters, it has very very minimal fallouts. its very fine and though glittery, its not chunky. GORGEOUS MUST HAVE pro or personal!!

SmashinBeauty c.

These are probably the only pigments I have even like. I have tried many pigments and nothing can compare to the quality and pigmentation of these pure pigments a must have in my book.

Andii J.

Super pigmented and its just amazing they go on so well i have android and its a blue glittery colour i love it it show the glitter and stays on and doesn't crease at all !

Katy S.

Beautiful pigmentation, less really is more with this product, a little bit goes a long way! Even just a teensy tiny bit in the inside corner of the eye can brighten up and widen the appearance of the eye completely, I'd definitely recommend it!

Nadia N.

Alluvium is probably the best pigment ever! I love how it blends and went the glitter is still there and its so gorgeous! I think they are up there with my fave pigment which is sugarpill. It can get very messy and there is less product than you get with MAC or Sugarpill and is more expensive which is my only knock on it

Sam H.
Soooo pretty to wear but goes EVERYWHERE!!

I have the 'Breathe' colour in this and i use it all over when im going out, I also like to build it up over my eyes with some false lashes - need to use a base again otherwise it just flakes off! I really love Illamasqua's colours but their products just seem SO heavy and flakey...Its not my favourite brand by far but they do have some great eye popping colours!

What I will say about this product is it goes everywhere...I mean the minute you open it after you have stored it in your make-up bag or whatever it just gets over everything, all over yourself, your carpet, everything...I've put mine into a new container!