Powder Eye Shadow

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Victoria D.
In Love!

I finally caved and bought an Illamasqua eyeshadow. I decided to get 'Sex' because it is a pure, matte white, something I have a hard time finding a good quality product of! And truthfully, it is the most pigmented, amazing white I've ever used. I do use a primer every day with my eyeshadow, but where some eyeshadows need a few runs over to 'pack on' the color, this only needs the initial application. Of course it can be blended out, but it applies so gorgeously.

Andrea S.
Rich Pigmentation, Excellent Quality
Photo of product included with review by Andrea S.

I genuinely think these may be THE best eyeshadows I have ever used, in my opinion they are even better than the likes of MAC and Urban Decay. They are very highly pigmented – a little goes a long way, believe me –, have a smooth, velvety texture and are very easy to blend. Also, they have incredible staying power. I used a mix of shades (Machine, Fatal and Spectre) to create a smoky purple cut-crease look on my eyes before going on a night out. When I came back in the early hours of the morning, my eye makeup was smudge free and looked as if it had been freshly applied ! Amazing ! Although eyeshadows from this brand are expensive at £15.50 each, they are well worth it. In my opinion you definitely get what you pay for. I would more than happily buy them all for my personal kit if I could afford it !

Nadia N.

Great pigmentation and very intense which I love. They are good for blending but can be a little chalky but most matte shadows have a little chalkyness to them. I just love how bright they are and the color. I love Imagine but Intense is probably my favorite.

DeShelle W.

Eye Shadow in "Anja" (Retails $20) This is also very smooth. I love how when I apply it, it glides over my lids. The color is very easy to pick up when using a brush. I would describe this color as a matte sky blue. Very pigmented. The swatch above is without a primer. You can tell it is very true to color. I've had it on my hand for almost an hour and it didn't move. Ultimate Love. I will definitely have a tutorial on my beauty channel using this shadow.

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Andii J.
Amazing pigmentation and Highly recommended

i know its hard to find good matte shadows but illamasqua has tons of matte shadows and there really pigmented too you could do a "out there" look or or keep it neutral xD there really versatile

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Luna V.
Well pigmented, very blendable

I have this shadow in Poem and Yes!, which seem to be two completely different formulas--Poem is much softer, and lightly pearlescent, while Yes! is matte and a bit chalkier in the pan. But fear not--it does not apply chalky at all!

Both cover wonderfully, though I often feel the need to wear a yellow, white, or neon green base underneath Yes! to really get the colour I want from it. They blend superbly, and last forever since a little goes so far. Honestly, though, I probably won't buy more of these since I have very similar colours from other brands and don't need duplicates. If you don't have them, though, they're fabulous.

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