Paranormal Palette


Victoria D.
Amazing Innovation!

I adore this palette! The textures of the eyeshadows are truly unique. Somewhere between a cream and a powder, but it acts like both. Colors blend amazingly into each other and other eyeshadows. The colors themselves are absolutely beautiful alone and when used together. Despite the creamy constancy, these shadows do not crease on me, and although I have not fully tested the 'water resistance' of them, as they claim to be, I would imagine the texture would make it more water resistant than normal shadows. Overall I'm extremely impressed. My only downfall, is that sometimes shades will come out of their pan. Not like, the pan falls out, but the square of shadow will fall out. Extremely strange, but it's an easy fix, just pick it up and carefully set it back into it's pan, and nothing is ruined. Maybe that will be solved over time as I use this more. Overall, I highly recommend this amazing palette! It'll be unique out of everything you own!