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1" Curling Iron


Theresa G.

Out of alllllll the curling irons I have purchased and burnt out this is the only one that I have had for more that 3 years now and it functions every time like if I just used it for the first time. I love that the temperature goes up to 400 which allows me to do my long hair in half the time.

Jenna G.
good and lasts

I go through curling irons usually every year. It seems like ever christmas i have a curling iron on my christmas list because the heating element, or the spring always go bad on mine. I have had this iron over a year and its so easy to use ! It heats up really fast and works so well. It took me a little while to break it in because my hair was not sliding through like it should but after i used it a few times it became easier and works wonderful. I have the purple one and it is so adorable :)