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Set Me Up Mousse Extra Hold


Alexandra V.
Best One Yet

I, myself, am not a big fan of hair products but this just stole my heart. I had to buy a bottle of mousse for a dance performance to get rid of any fly-aways and basically just make my hair extremely soft and easy to work with. I went into CVS and reached for the mousse my mom would usually get that I've used in the past. Along with the other things I had to buy, i did not have enough money, so I searched for a cheaper alternative and this was worth it! For the first time ever I find myself reaching for this hair product every morning when I'd usually hate to use anything on my hair. It makes my hair soft, does not dry it out, gets rid of the frizz, doesn't add un-needed volume to my already thick hair and, best of all, keeps my hair looking clean as if I just washed it. I couldn't have asked for a better product!