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Hard Candy

Undercover Agent - Undereye brightener & concealer duo


Sara C.

I don't sleep very well and i have alot of stress going on so i have very dark circles under my eyes and i have very fair skin so the dark circles really stand out but this undereye brightener and concealer is awesome! it really brightens my face up and you need just a dab under each eye. a little goes a long way!! :)

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Jevanael S.
Good stuff!

I have dark under eye circles due to an iron deficiency, and even using the lightest tone of this concealer, it really brightens up my eyes and almost makes the darkness disappear completely. It's a pretty solid product, and I found it works best by using a concealer brush to apply the product to your face - not straight from the tube. I've also used it to control shine on my nose, and it lasts for hours.

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Robin T.
Uuggghhh bummer...

First of all, I don't think the eye brightener does anything. Goes on great, but...doesnt do anything. The concealer part, I found very very dry, and is not much of a concealer, as it didn't conceal anything. I have dark circles under my eyes, and this product, I'mm sorry to say, didn't do anything to help. bummed... :(

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Erika B.
Great coverage.

The brightener is too runny and takes awhile to dry. Once it does dry, I don't really notice any change. But I do like the concealer. Goes on nice and heavy and is really blendable. I love the coverage which is a big deal to me because I have real dark circles under my eyes, and this baby really gets the job done!

Jennifer J.
hmm its ok

i wanted to give this a shot and see how it fared as a concealer. I didnt really see any brightening from the cream but I think it did reduce some puffiness. The concealer is a hard nub on top of the tube so alone its really thick and hard. But once you put it over the brightener it goes on nicely. Overall it was just ok not my go to concealer.

Kiki P.

I have this is the shade light. The concealer part is hard as a rock. The first time i used it i tried applying it right from the nub and boy did it drag my skin. Ive also tired warming it up with my finger first(no luck there either). All i use it for now is the "brightening" cream which i dont notice any brightening but this way i dont have to buy eye cream for a while