Hard Candy

Painted Lady Intese Lip Color

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Mariah C.
Amazing Lipstick.

Hardy Candy has to have the most adorable packaging for a drugstore product, it definatly helps sell. I bought this lipstick in the shade "Perfect 10" and it was love, it takes a lot for me to really like a product and actually consider buying it a second time, but this lipstick is a no brainer. It has a silky smooth texture, which feels very nice on the lips. The finish has a soft shine that's flattering but not over welling. And the color pay off is outstanding, however the only downside to this product is the staying power, it doesn't last very long (30minutes - 1 hour). On a high note, I do recommend this product.

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Savannah C.
beautiful !

I love this lipstick i prefer in lighter colors but i would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good pigmented lipstick. Their packaging is amazing too! I'm a huge fan of Hard Candy,anyone looking to try a unique, awesome brand try HARD CANDY:)

Michelle D.

I have boughten this in Kitten and it's amazing! This lipstick is extremely creamy and very pigmented. One swipe and that was all I needed. I would also like to note that the scent reminded me of cherries and I love it. The packaging is adorable and I couldn't ask for anything more from Hard Candy!

Karina Y.

I have this in a fuschia shade. It is bright which is good, but I'm not a fan of the texture. I feel that it's too creamy and kind of clumps up. I have to smooth it on with a lip brush or with my finger then it's okay. Good color payoff though.

Cassandra W.
I bought a darker color and hated it

I bought one of the darker maroon shades from this line and hated it. It bled....it smeared easily...and it stained horribly....i would not recommend this. The lighter colors may be better but i don't think i would buy them. It doesn't seem worth the risk.