Hard Candy

Glossaholic - Sequin Saturated Shine Lip Gloss


Courtney Z.
My Name Is Courtney And I Am A Glossaholic.
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I am not usually a fan of glosses. Sure they are pretty, but they are often sticky, my hair gets stuck in them, my lips feel goopy and it is just a high maintenance item. There are only a few glosses that I really love. Most recently added to the list: Hard Candy Glossaholic ($5).

I gotten 4 of them, Chill Out and Fabulous. Chill Out is vanilla-flavored and infused with things that are supposed to relax you. I have to admit, I've been pretty mellow today, but not sure that it's as a result of the gloss! Fabulous is a deep, muted red color. It's nice because it's not screaming bright. And I have Fireball, the bright red and Tipsy, the bright pink!

The first thing you notice when you open them is that the applicator is HUGE, they weren't kidding when they said "GINORMOUS!" on the HC website. It is. And it does have the nifty recessed area on top that holds the gloss. Now, for why they call it Glossaholic...it tastes WONDERFUL! It is like cake icing or marshmallows. I prefer the regular Glossaholic flavor over the vanilla flavor of the Chill Out. I can't stop licking my lips...so there you go...my name is Courtney and I'm a Glossaholic.

The colors are lovely. There's glitter of varying sizes in them. The Chill Out looks like an opal and the Fabulous gloss looks like a fire opal. Mesmerizing.

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Jennifer J.
go out and get these!

ok, if anyone missed out on mac dazzleglasses, get on this right away. They have a great taste, vanilla bean. I got one of the peach colors which has a light base color and a nice gold-orange glitter and shimmer. its really nice. i also got the chill out gloss which is supposed to be a mood altering elixr. idk if it worked but it has great blue and pink glitter in a clear base. and it has the great vanilla taste. for 5 bucks...go out and get these. oh and its a huge tube and a mega wand. i thought it would be weird at first but really it is nice on the lips. it allows for one swipe coverage for the lip.

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Blondee B.
i cant live without it!!!!!

i purchased the relaxing vanilla gloss (chill out) and OMG!!!!! the glitter flecs were perfectly distributed, the giant brush applied the perfect amount of gloss, and the taste and smell is AMAZING!!!!!!!! seriously your dumb if you dont buy this hahaha but seriouslly its like putting a vanilla cupcake on your lips!!!!

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Danielle B.
Best gloss ever!

I purchased this in "Fairy" and it's gorgeous. I normally hate wearing most lip glosses because they feel gross and sticky on my lips but this is a nice thin sparkly gloss with just the right amount of pigment. It also has a nice fragrance and I'm not saying you should eat it or anything but if you lick your lips on accident it doesn't have that weird lip gloss taste that you can never get out of your mouth.

Maria W.

I Just got the Glossaholic Chill Out Vanilla today.... I dont really like it, I ADOREIT!!!!! It makes my lips shimmer, and it takes awesome. The color is like a yellowish color but when you put t on it's clear. And don't get me started on the glitter!!! Depending on the light, the glitter looks differen, its purple and ggreen and orange and yellow and green and... AHHHHHHH!!!!! XD its amazing!!! The price is amazing( $5), the gloss, is amazing, the glitter is AMAZING!!! Look for it at Walmart!!

Caroline G.
Glitz and Glam

I truly love this gloss. It's not sticky or heavy. It basically has guts. I love how it makes my lips sparkle! I would buy this again. It's moderately priced for it's size.

Katie M.

I love these so much. They are so sparkly and who doesn't love sparkles? The brush is really big so you really don't have to keep applying it too much. Your lips will stay sparkly all day and I love it.

Erika B.
A must-have for lip gloss addicts!

I have these in Fireball, Gorgeous and Fairy, and I love all three! They give a nice tint of color while moisturizing and it doesn't rub off as easily as some glosses do. They smell nice and taste good too! Kind of like cupcakes! The glitter in them don't leave a gritty feeling on your lips which is a plus, and I think the only thing I don't like is it's a little sticky. And the wand is a bit too big, but other than that these are great!

Vanessa C.

Anyone who is a TRUE Glossaholic will honestly love these! They smell amazing, like vanilla and candy! Also, the glitter is so nice and chunky like craft glitter, but you cannot, i repeat CANNOT feel any of it on your lips. I own Fireball and Tipsy, Fireball being a gorgeous fire-engine red with different colored glitter and Tipsy being a hot pink with blue and silver glitter, and BOTH of them have nice color pay off, but look better on top of a lipstick with the same type of shade.

Tashina M.
My name is Marcy, and I'm an addict....

Holy cow I love these. I have 368 & 370. Love them both. The berry colored one is more subtle glitter but the peachy one is crazy. They go on kind of jelly feeling but last for a long time and aren't sticky. I don't mind the smell or haste but I usually prefer lipgloss wih no taste. You can't beat the $5 price tag especially forge size of the gloss. It's like 3 glosses in 1. And I cracked-UP when I saw the wand. I'll let you figure that out for yourself.