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Fox in a Box - bronzing duos & blushing quads

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Kayla r.
Natural flush of color
Photo of product included with review by Kayla r.

If your looking for a natural flush of pink and peach blush then I highly recommend the Spicy and Sweet blush. The blush is pigmented nicely and gives a glow to the cheeks. I love this blush and I will purchase the other blushes. The packaging is adorable and the brush it comes with isn't rough, it is soft and useable.

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Jillian S.
Great Pigmentation; Great Price!

I saw these blushes at my local Walmart and the first thing that ran through my mind was 'Benefit Boxed Bushes'. So of course, I HAD to pick one up to try it out. I wanted to go for one of the ones that looked amazingly hot pink, but I decided to settle on the more subdued peachy looking shade called Smooth Talker and I don't regret my decision at all! It is nothing like any blush I have in my collection! I use this blush every single day and I have yet to hit pan. The color is so pigmented that you only need a tiny bit and the price is nothing to complain about either. Thanks to these boxed blushes, I will never buy a Benefit boxed powder.

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Alyssa B.
Nicely Pigmented
Photo of product included with review by Alyssa B.

Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Skinny Dipping can be found at Walmart and Walmart.com for $6. The "Fox in a Box" line comes in 6 blushes. Some feature a pair of two shades like Skinny Dipping and others feature a quad of colors. Skinny Dipping features a cool-toned Bronzy shade, and a Coral/Orangey shade. Each shade can be worn alone or mixed together. I find myself mixing the shades and just swirling my brush around on a regular basis. Both shades have some shimmer to them, but I don't find them overly apparent when applied. The shades are nicely pigmented and blend well. It does take a little bit more effort to loosen up the powder, but I don't mind because I hate too much fall out Once applied, it lasted almost 6 hours. This is average wear for me, I normally don't get more than 6 hours with a blush. The packaging could be better. At first glance, It reminded me of Benefit's blush packaging. And although I do not own Coralista, from the swatches I have seen, the shades do look similar. Benefit's Box however, has a top that is not attached and fits over the base that holds the color pan. Hard Candy's version features an attached top that swings back and forth. Nothing secures the lid, so it is free to swing back and forth if tossed in your purse. If you want to travel with this blush, I would recommend using a rubber band to wrap around the box to keep the lid in place. The box is also made of cardboard, which can get crush, so I would recommend placing it at the top of your travel bag. Another waste in packaging in this brush. I honestly have no idea why beauty companies are so obsessed with wasting money on flimsy brushes that don't work. Isn't anyone telling these companies no one is using them???? Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this blush. It is such a pretty shade, and I have been using it a lot on a day to day basis. Totally worth the price! Unfortunately, the packaging is very functional, so you would need to take an extra step with this box if you are traveling.

Check out my original post for more swatches and my complete review http://izntlifesojuicy.blogspot.com/2011/05/hard-candy-fox-in-box-in-skinny-dipping.html

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Alexis L.
Beautiful color payoff at an affordable price point.

I bought 2 of these at a local Wal-Mart in the colors Spicy & Sweet and Hot Flash. They were $5 a piece with 4 to 5 colors available. The packaging is really cute (as you can see above) and holds up really well. Toss out the brush, while cute it's pretty much worthless at applying the product.

Spicy & Sweet consists of a light pink square, a slightly darker pink square, a peach pink square and a very light bronze square. When you swirl them together you get this great pink with peach undertones that has a slight amount of shimmer. I have larger pores and this still looks great on me.

Hot Flash is the one pictures above but the colors are much lighter in that photo than they are in real life. The colors in the box consist of a dark fuchsia square, a slightly lighter rose pink square, a very light beige with peach undertones highlighting square and a brown bronzer square. I haven't used this one yet but when I do, I don't think I'll swirl the colors all together. I think this would be best used by lightly swiping a blush brush across the pinks for color, using the brown for a contour and the lighter beige as a highlight.

The squares looks to be about 1"x1" which is actually really small when it comes to trying to use the colors separately. I like to use a kabuki to apply blush and it pretty much fills up the entire box when I use these. With Hot Flash, this might pose to be a problem but I won't know until I use it.

You have to be light with these as they are extremely pigmented and if you use a heavy hand you will end up with clown cheeks.

All in all, these are well worth the $5 and I think they're one of the better products that Hard Candy has come out with.

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Kayla T.
My favorite blush that I've tried.

A little goes a long way with this blush because it is very pigmented. The color is absolutely amazing. You can contour with the darker side and use the blush separately or I like to swirl the colors together. I would recommend this blush to anyone. The only thing I don't love is the packaging or the brush it comes with but who really uses that thing anyways? All and all, its a GREAT product.

Sam A.

Love these blushes! I have all but Smooth Talker and they are just awesome! But hurry out today to buy them or backups because these along with lots of other Hard Candy products are being discontinued and they're coming out with new stuff!


thats the list of everything being discontinued

Amber J.
everyday usable and easily portable

I adore these! The seperated colors allow for great control while contouring. Orange is my second favorite colr and therefore my fave universal color. It works for every skintone to add healthy warmth and can be uses under any other of your fave blushes.

Sophie M.
amazing is not the word!!!

it's been a very long time since I fell in love with a blush this way seriously!! The colors r soo true and pigmented. It comes with a horrible brush ( I personally never use those packaging brushes). The box itself is sturdy but I advise u don't throw it in your purse, it will get smushed. I never bought drug store blush, but this is heaven.

Jasmine P.

i brought this blush about a couple of months ago and i have been using it non stop...i got the pink shade one called spicy and sweet...it has such a nice finish....i would recommend this...it gives u such a nice pink peachy flush...though the packaging is so bulky i still think its cute...

Priscilla D.
I love cute packaging!!

I love cute packaging and this is why I bought it! But all in all I really like this blush. It gives you a hint of color on your cheeks. I hit pan within a month! I plan to get the other colors in this collection!