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Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish


Lyubomira L.
Great gel polishes!
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I've tried a lot of gel polishes, but Gelish is my favorite so far. Lasts more than 2 weeks if done right, most colors are nice with some exceptions. Great for working people, don't have to worry about chipping. The downside-you get bored by wearing the same color for 2 weeks.

Amanda M.
Good. May be user error ;)

I like the consept so bought all the supplies for in home manicure. I simply won't spend the money or time in a salon so I thought if I want my nails to look good without polishing them every night I needed to invest a little. I like the colors but after about 2 days they are already peeling. I don't know if I'm not curing them long enought or putting it on too thick or thin. I am a picker so it could just be that I have to leave them alone. I only pick at pieces that are sticking up so maybe I'm doing something wrong to make the edges stick up???

Amber G.
Great longwear nail color without the damage of fake nails!

This product is new on the market compared to traditional methods but I wouldn't go back even if someone paid me. This product goes on like regular polish but lasts for weeks. It is possible to peel, despite what the description might say but that's only if you play with it a lot and did not properly dry your nails in the dryer. But it's still FAR better than your nail breaking, it just peels right off after a couple weeks of use. They are like a protective 2nd coat for your nails which makes them harder to break. They take 10 minutes to do and dry in less than 5. They look and feel more natural, which is great for people like me who are hands on at work and like to type on their phone a lot! Now, you can't grow REALLY long nails, and by that I mean they can still be long but the longer they get, the easier it is to bend the corners and peel off the polish. All together, way better for your nails upon removal, easier to work with, and looks great!

Pros: Longwear, lots of colors, quick dry time, strengthens nails, natural look & feel, good for a clutz (like me)

Cons: Takes a little while to remove if they haven't been on long, Can peel, costs as much as a manicure, can't grow SUPER long nails

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Debbie  J.
The are lovely and there can be added in your nail art collection.

It takes a little practice to get it just right. A little more to work in art or the jeweled designs but it is well worth it. I really love the colors too. They have a wide selection, adding new colors all the time.