GOSH Cosmetics

Velvet Touch Foundation Primer


Lindsey G.
Makes my face so smooth

This stuff is great. It also does a great job for eyeshadow too. It's so good at smoothing my face making it much easier to apply with my rubbish brushes.

Jen S.
Gotta have it

This is a great primer. I used a tiny of amount at time. This primer lasted me a really long time. I love how it goes on so smooth. It lasts a really long time when ever I wear it.

Deseni F.

its way different then the other primers i have. this one doesnt really have a smell. its a clear jelly primer. but o my gosh! it makes my face like a baby butt. sooo soft! dont have that with my other primers. i really love this stuff.

Lynn D.
Best face primer ever!

This is the best face primer ever! I love this product so much! You only need a small amount and can spread over your whole face. My foundation and powders stay A LOT longer with this primer! I even put the primer on my eyelids and my eyeliner stays perfect all day. It's inexpensive too. I just can say enough how great this product is!

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