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GOSH Cosmetics

Velvet Touch Foundation Primer


Lynn D.
Best face primer ever!

This is the best face primer ever! I love this product so much! You only need a small amount and can spread over your whole face. My foundation and powders stay A LOT longer with this primer! I even put the primer on my eyelids and my eyeliner stays perfect all day. It's inexpensive too. I just can say enough how great this product is!

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Jen S.
Gotta have it

This is a great primer. I used a tiny of amount at time. This primer lasted me a really long time. I love how it goes on so smooth. It lasts a really long time when ever I wear it.

Lindsey G.
Makes my face so smooth

This stuff is great. It also does a great job for eyeshadow too. It's so good at smoothing my face making it much easier to apply with my rubbish brushes.

Deseni F.

its way different then the other primers i have. this one doesnt really have a smell. its a clear jelly primer. but o my gosh! it makes my face like a baby butt. sooo soft! dont have that with my other primers. i really love this stuff.