Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller


Nadia B.
Worth the Money

I am a firm believer in it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to find a great product that works. This is very true in this case. For only $10 I have my go to product to use before any big day. I prefer using it at night since it does tend to try a little sticky. When I wake up the next day I look refreshed no matter how much sleep I actually got the night before.

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Melissa S.
A Morning Must Have!

I use this everyday in the morning to help my eyes wake up and look alive. It's soothing and it definitely helps de-puff your eyes. I like to keep one on my bedside table so I can use it as soon as my alarm goes off to help my eyes wake up. =)

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Elise B.
Takes care of my dark circles

Ive been using this product for a while now and I love it! I have dark shadows that are hereditary, so they arent caused by allergies or lack of sleep. I use it 1-2 times a day and it feels amazing. it wakes up my eyes and gets rid of shadows the more you use it. The first time I tried it, it was a little odd feeling, but I got used to it and actually liked a little tingle. Buy it at a place where you can return it, just in case. But me and my sister love it

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Lina K.

I wear this every day, and it works wonders for my dark and puffy eyes. It's really wakes me up. I can use it in the middle of a school day too, just to get a little pick me up. It's my new makeup must have.

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Cameron R.
I really wanted to like it!!

About a month or two ago I got into no-makeup kick and wanted a more natural way to make me look more awake in the mornings, and after hearing some good things about this I decided to try it. At first I notices that it did work slightly to give me an illusion of being more awake, but after time I notices I developed small little milia under my eyes and I quit using it immediately. Since then, I have decided to steer clear of this brand, although I did have luck a few years prior with their Detoxifying Cream Cleanser, which is now discontinued I believe. I recommend Origins GinZing eye cream for those with sensitive, oily, acne prone skin.

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Althea N.
Dark Circle Roller

This is the closest I could find to the under eye- dark circle roller, and I have to say I HATED that thing! It broke me out to the point that people thought I had been hit in the eye. It dried out my under eyes and burned like crazy when I applied it! Not sure how the anti-puff works, but AVOID the dark circle one!

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Kayli H.
Before bed AND in the morning

I love this, but I personally need to use it before I go to bed and right when I wake up. That makes for the biggest impact. I also keep it in the fridge for extra cooling power! It feels amazing!!

Nikki Z.

I love all of Garnier's products and I use this every night! (I use it in the morning if I need it too...) I keep it in the fridge so it's even more effective on puffiness and dark eye circles. It's super refreshing and nice

Linzi F.

I really love this product, I thought about buying it for months. I finally broke down, I am pregnant so my everything is crazy right now. My sleep pattern is backwards. Staying up all night is HORRIBLE on your face, everything shows on your eyes.

Glenda C.

I purchased this recently and have been using it everyday mornign and night...I havnt really seen much of a difference per say...and its been about 3 weeks or so I been using it...I will continue using it for bout a week more and see, if not I will be looking for something else...I dont have bad dark circles but so far not seeing much of a difference